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  1. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Don’t even watch champions league any more... boring and predictable
  2. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Craig Gordon injured.... sore back picking the ball out the net 😂
  3. 10 years since.....

    Terrible and corrupt reffing. How that free kick can be awarded to Italy is unimaginable. They must be incredibly bad now that not even fifa can help them to the World Cup.
  4. Are the play offs on tv?

    Quite happy that Ireland are not going.... they are worse than us. If we had got second, I’m confident we would have beaten them.
  5. Booing your own players

    There are kvnts at every club
  6. Netherlands match thread

    I like the cut of his jib!
  7. Netherlands match thread

    Did we play 3 at the back?
  8. Netherlands match thread

    Not watch8ng it thankfully.... but Christ I hope so... Phillips is pish too...
  9. Netherlands match thread

    8 mind too much in my book
  10. Booing your own players

    But that’s club football... irrelevant to tonight?
  11. Has Paul Dickov been approached?

    ..... to be kit man?
  12. Netherlands match thread

    😂 he would do a job
  13. Netherlands match thread

    Aye I do... he is that wee nippy forward guybthat used to play for rangers
  14. Netherlands match thread

    Not watch8ng the game....
  15. Netherlands match thread

    We playing 3 at first he back or is tierney left back?