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  1. kumnio

    Anyone received their Peru ticket yet?

    10 minutes walk from Miraflores, pretty good location.
  2. kumnio

    Play offs

    Lower than Brechin & Dumbarton?
  3. Current - Branch Manager Prefer - Travel writer/photographer
  4. kumnio

    Anyone received their Peru ticket yet?

    Same here, Mexico ticket arrived this morning, but no Peru ticket.
  5. Tory cunt scared of the ball.
  6. kumnio

    Roaming charges

    With 3 its a feel at home destination which is excellent, sadly Mexico isnt.
  7. That looks bloody awful. I cant see past either Germany or France winning it.
  8. Dundees top is pretty damn nice for a change.
  9. kumnio

    Airport transfers

    Im using Uber, should be about 160 Pesos, or £6.00. Or you can book a taxi online for between £30 and £40 😩
  10. kumnio

    Play offs

    Best of luck to Partick Thistle tonight, really hope they stay up.
  11. kumnio

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Was just away to post similar, is it too late to dream of scoring for Scotland...
  12. Me might stay at Parkhead, if he does go, you get the feeling it will need to be a good move. Bournemouth have recently been linked with him, I think there’s more chance of them signing me than getting Tierney interested in them.
  13. Fucking hell, what an absolute bellend. He even looks like a complete muppet.
  14. kumnio

    Jayden Stockley

    Absolute utter bollocks.