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  1. It is our fault as well as theirs. If we don't have the guts to run our own country and vote on it then it is our own fault. No one elses.
  2. Malcolm. I am not right wing or anti green (apart from Celtic). The anti monarchists today are making their point. That is a matter for them just not for me. If Scotland's people can go in a positive way to gain independence then that is the right way. We need the greens on board as well as Alba and SNP to make a positive case. Not a negative one and blaming England for our woes.
  3. I have met many players from all teams. John Greig, Tommy Gemmel etc etc. If I called them a legend they would have slapped me. But now we have a self declared legend (as other things). How lucky is this board to have a self declared, tall legend on it. We are not worthy.
  4. The voice of reason. A lot of us are angry at the moment as things have transpired. But we all have opinions but all have the same cause. I have never been in a political party in my life. But joined Alba last month. My friend was angry at me this morning for not going to protest at st giles. I am not interested in shouting and holding banners. The ballot box is the only way. The royals mean nothing to me so why would I get angry at that.
  5. Morrie. I put my flat on the market two weeks ago. Went with Purple Bricks they were ok. The home report cost £600 and is only valid for 12 weeks. Then you need to renew it if not sold within that time, The total cost was £1500 including photos and advertising on Zoopla etc. Anyway I decided last week not to sell. But still have to pay the home report and photographer costs. Mines is only a flat so don't know if a house is dearer. Give your local agent a call. I had offers coming in straight away. Because I live next to a beach. But like everything else shop around.
  6. It is per capita but didn't want to confuse folk. Amazed that Ireland is way up there as well. Never been apart from Dublin Airport on the way back from Macedonia.
  7. Working on my motivational classes for August
  8. Ah right, didn;t know that. But at least it has now been done. So fair play.
  9. Celtic have had a gruelling season. Europe, Treble. I think even football players are entitled to a holiday before pre-season. If anything the game could have been planned better. But the clubs must have known that in the timing of it that Celtic players would be on holiday surely. But still a lovely cause. Well done both clubs.
  10. That is true. But it's the age old dilemma. And most of us would take a promotion at work if it meant more money and all that goes with it. Anyone that goes there as soon as they sign on the dotted line will be a millionaire overnight. The English Premiership is different in that there are a lot of good players there. I don't know much about the Saudi League but can't imagine it is as challenging. So easy option and easy money there. It's a difficult one and each individual like Jota has a choice to make. Staying with Celtic on £35 k per week or go to Saudi on £10 million a tear (according to reports) What would you or anyone else on here do?
  11. According to Forbes Ireland are now 3rd after Singapore. Point is Saudi Arabia are nowhere near. But they have a few multi-billionaires that can buy anything they like.
  12. You tell me who is then? I have been lecturing economics for 30 years. It depends on what you call rich. In 2023 it is by GDP the two countries I mentioned.
  13. Funnily enough I lecture part time at University. We were debating the richest countries in the world last week before we split up. Saudi Arabia are nowhere near that. The Uk is even above them. The difference is that Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship with a few mutibillionaires in charge. In terms of GDP it is at the moment is Luxembourg. Ireland is 2nd. Same with Russia, the money is all in the hands of the few.
  14. I am not a Raith Rovers fan. I went to 4 games last season. I also went to see Thornton Hibs with pals and had a great day as well as other junior clubs in Fife. We have agreed to go to a couple of lower league teams a month and it was great. Pies and Bovril at half time and a pint in the pub afterwards. I probably will go to more Rovers games with them next season. I did get taken to Fir Park when young with my uncle. When he died my cousin took me to Ibrox. But I couldn't stand the bigotry. Plus I played until 33 Junior so didn't go to any club games. Still Motherwell and Rangers oriented but can't remember the last time I seen them live. Might go to Fir Park next season for a wee trip down memory lane. Also Firhill where I used to go for physio when my ligaments got done. Hope that explains. Your Honour 🍺
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