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  1. Correct. If the fans don't have the guts to do something about it then it is their fault as well.
  2. It shouldn't be up to Sky to run our games. Greed corrupts. The fans don't seem to matter anymore. I hate the thought of a two horse race again next season. Spoke to my jambo pal this morning. The only way they will be able to compete is if they qualify for Europe for the next 5 years. Probably the same with Aberdeen and Hibs. I honestly think the fans of all teams should get together in some form of protest. We are a wee country and should surely be able to run our game better. Imagine if the OF went to an Atlantic league. The crowds in Scotland would go up as they have a chance of winning the League. Anyway, rant over, but like everyone on here I care deeply about our Scottish game and mainly the national side.
  3. That makes too much sense!! Like most things nowadays it is run by greed. Never mind what the customers/supporters think. I don't know if the USA league still has a cap on salaries?
  4. I never knew Aberdeen played only 6. My main point is that Aberdeen's achievement was slightly better than the OF wins probably because of size. What Celtic did was magnificent and put Scottish football on the map. Only my opinion (which you said I didn't have!!). Not having a pop at Celtic at all VA. Sat out in back garden on Sunday with friends and family who are all Celtic supporters. I had a pop at Celtic right enough but it was all in great fun.
  5. That is true. But surely the SPFL and SFA should be working together for the benefit of our teams and the National side. Maybe I am just dreaming. Looking forward to another 2 horse race next season (not). I said on here before about the fans of all the clubs should make stand and not go to any games until the Chairmen/women take notice. I know that would probably never happen but it could if the fans made their feelings known.
  6. Proud of Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen. Calling people names is not that intelligent. Stand on.
  7. I never knew that. Nothing to do with Celtic. My point was that it would be impossible now.
  8. 18 teams. Why won't the SFA listen to us? Greed with TV money. We have a great wee country and great memories of Europe. Aberdeen was still the best though. When Celtic won the cup they only had about 5 teams to play. Linfield made it to the quarter finals that year.
  9. Better than league we have now. Look at the state of our Premiership. Two big fish in a small bowl. VA asked if there was ever more of a points difference. I would doubt it. The sooner this so called Atlantic league happens the better. Celtic and Rangers would compete well I am sure. Life moves on. But they are too big for the country imo.
  10. The league table doesn't lie. The top four are where they should be over the course of the season. Utd probably deserve to go down but sometimes that can be a good thing. Their fans will still follow them and get to new grounds. I think the Rangers fans enjoyed being down the leagues. Act of defiance probably. Anyway, of to Edinburgh for a visit to my Jambo pal. He will be happy.
  11. I don't lie VA. Yes I have more of a leaning toward Rangers as I got taken to Ibrox when young. But don't like the bigotry bit that follows both teams. I go to some Rovers games. But me and a few pals have decided to pick a couple of games a month anywhere. It will be in the lower divisions.
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