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  1. Like others on here I was a bit underwhelmed before it started. But determined to try and enjoy it as much as I can. Been not too bad so far. I will watch the Argentina game today.
  2. Seen this script too many times. USA haven't scored and taken chances. England will score I am afraid.
  3. I disagree re Neymar. He has been one of the best players in the world in last 10 years. Ronaldo is arrogant, Souness, Best, Baxter etc. Not really likeable people but always thought that the arrogance that they were better than others made them as part of their make up. You could argue that Dalglish, Messi etc didn't have that. But everyone is different.
  4. I just missed you Oracle. Your profound insight in to the beautiful game is truly mind blowing. Now where's ma Glenlivet?
  5. Seen Scotland Brasil twice at WC, Their fans were brilliant. Partied with them all night in Turin after the game. So I don't know where you are coming from there. As for the media, well........... Brasil deserve their place in history of the WC so don't know why you have a lot of pent up anger towards them.
  6. Nah nah. Are ye's daft. VAR is only biased against Ra Cellic Brigade.
  7. We got to the bus park where the Scotland buses went. On arrival 4/5 police were waiting at the bus door searching for alcohol. We went and sat on the rocks at the beach. When the next bus came in 5 minutes later they did the same with that. I was het to get back to our bus and get the holdall with the drink. What a day.
  8. Arrived in Genoa for first game to be told it was dry. But we found a shop selling beer so had a good time before the game. For the Sweden game we went bevvy handed and had a great time at the rocks on the harbour pre-game. Still the best Scotland day/game of my life and result made it sweeter.
  9. Well the WC is nearly here so we are as well enjoying it. Drew Brazil in sweep yesterday so will need to bet them now. See they are 7/2 with some bookies. £50 9n today I think. No point sitting about moaning about it anymore (including me). C'mon Brasil.
  10. Starting to get a wee bit excited now. Emphasis on wee as not the same really. Look forward to seeing Wales and Brasil and how they fair.
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