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  1. "Update" Just sent an email over to inquire about attendance. It's not news i guess to most but the lady who he emailed put this. " A decision has yet to be made as to whether fans will be permitted entry to the stadium at all but there certainly won’t be a maximum attendance " Probably best getting your refunds in folks for those who have not already.
  2. That's almost the way it's looking but why are the SFA holding back . And i think the reason being is that it's going to hurt them refunding 50,000 tickets. Going by some maths average ticket prices adult £25 x 40,000 paid ( 51,000 max capacity /minus 11,000 for kids,pensioners tickets (discounted sponsors ) it's roughly £1,000,000 to pay back. Not including lost revenue at the stadium . Let's hope they haven't spent that ticket money allready...
  3. Didn't know there was such a system for Scotland tickets assuming this is points accumulated by being a member of the SSC. Just to add a tad bit unfair if that's the route since it's not the tickets that's the issue it's filling a limited number of seats not something the SSC covers. " Members still get priority access to home tickets but are no longer absolutely guaranteed a home ticket. The new loyalty points system will be used to prioritise access to tickets, if necessary. However, this will only be used when membership exceeds the working capacity of the stadium in which the match in play
  4. Think you missed Cyprus barney which was still a poor performance.I was at that game. Trying to give Clarke the benefit of doubt but Mctominey playing CB was unbearable i know it's not his position and he probably felt like a dumpling but he was all over the place . This makeshift back 3 has to go its ridiculous. Palmer should be used as our RB or Odonnel in a back 4 formation .
  5. Don't know if you will see this but i have an Adult and Kids ticket that i won't be using if the stadium capacity is reduced significantly . Was hoping to take my little brother to his first Scotland game with a full house to hear the hampden roar so let me know if your interested . It's not looking great it's looking like another game behind closed doors since the recent lockdown in Glasgow . Five weeks to go what's stopping the SFA from just saying it's no happening not seen any updates since the new date was announced. Also if there is a reduced crowd assuming they will need to notify folk
  6. Pre-match nerves but does anyone know when the tickets are being sent out ? I purchased through the phone for the first time as i have always ordered through the website. Pretty sure iv'e always had the tickets about a month before any of the Scotland fixtures.
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