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  1. I do agree with some of your points generally about seeding and the amount of qualifiers you should play but ultimately team that finished 3rd last season shouldn't be losing to Welsh part timers in any round, let's also remember they had a lead to take into second leg at home so even worse in general context of two leg ties. I have no issue when say Aberdeen get knocked out by Real Sociedad or Burnley as happened in last few years as of course they're big underdogs in that tie. Wolves are actually playing three qualifiers to qualify for europa league (same as Burnley last season). They're in next week against Crusaders.
  2. Which prem teams get knocked out by minnows, last season Burnley got knocked out in last qualfiers by Olympiakos which is established CL club over last 5-6 years. Disappointed for likes of Brophy and Greg Taylor they couldn't get a bit of european experience this year for their clubs. Even in this state SPL should be providing a club outside Old Firm to make europa league group stages ffs, Republic of Ireland have provided TWO in last decade, St Pats in 2011 and Dundalk in 2016.
  3. 20m plus some add ons if Arsenal win some cups. Tierney should be pushing for this anyway.
  4. Ref will be sent home after that. Play was stopped at 86th minute. Penalty taken on 91st minute. Then whole retake took three minutes. Joke to blow after 95 minutes. She completely lost track of time there which is unacceptable at this level. In other news such a Scotland way to go out of a major tournament I'm afraid. This encroachment rule is nonsense aswell. Every penalty will need to be retaken at least once if it's as strictly enforced in the mens game next season.
  5. Fraser only has 12 months left on his deal so Bournemouth will have to sell at some stage this summer. Healthy sell on clause for the arabs I'd imagine.
  6. Yeah I accept that but they were still playing for their hometown team in one of the best leagues in the world. Don't forget both won the world cup in 2006 so I'd say that probably lessened the need for both to win stuff at club level (Totti won serie a in 2001 aswell). It's different to Tierney given Celtic aren't hugely competitive in europe anymore.
  7. When did the red card happen? No way to me it was worse than Astana given Israel have a few player who play in good leagues....Kayal etc.
  8. They are so pish they'd have actually won the whole thing! It could happen, Portugal won euro 2016 yet are usually poor at actually qualifying for the actual tournaments, often need the safety need of a play off to make it. Anyway Bulgaria are certainly going to be in the March play offs, losing 0-1 at home to Kosovo so they're no great shakes. Was actually surprised Israel are in 2nd in their group (ahead of Austria and Slovenia). Never quite got the hysteria after losing the away game there narrowly.
  9. That was in Nicosia, they are very tricky to play away from home so will be a Kazhak/Georgia banana skin match. On their travels they are poor. Lost to Norway and Bulgaria in nations league. Lost to Estonia in September 2017.
  10. To me the group has been over since 10th minute of first game. All yesterday was good for was avoiding an embarrasment of a home result similar to Lithuania in the last campaign. What it does show is Cyprus away will be very tricky. Steve Clarke will be under no illusions now how tough getting the team in peak form for March 2020 is going to be now.
  11. I do find it bizarre that winning nations league groups give all sorts of play off chances and yet the winners don't get an automatic berth so feasibly Portugal or Holland could miss out on qualifying however remote that looks atm.
  12. At this stage it's all about getting the partnerships going so everyone can peak next March so would've still played him. McClean did have a good end of season at Norwich and is a goal threat.
  13. What's up with McTominay now? Three CMs and he's not starting?
  14. Finland 2-0 Bosnia atm, Pukki yet again who's scored both. Finland actually have a very decent chance of 2nd in that group with the form they're in. Who's the play off opponent if they go through automatically?
  15. They just have the mentality to be able to grind out results home and away. Scotland would've lost 2-0 to Denmark last night but ROI keep games very tight (Denmark took 75 minutes to score first compared to Kazhak 2 goals in first 10 minutes) so that always means they've got a chance of getting a goal through set piece or cross and getting at least a point. At International level away from home ROI and Norn Iron are hard to beat, Scotland simply aren't. Interesting they seem to be having the same issue on the right as Scotland do on the left when everyone is fit. Left Matt Doherty who have a brilliant season at Wolves on the bench as seems they can't fit him and Seamus Coleman in the same 11.
  16. Do Portugal get automatic spot if they win nations tournament?
  17. Despite tonight they will still be best team in play off. Jovic now their main striker who's just moved to Real Madrid. Physically strong, have very good record against British teams in last decade and technically excellent, would rather play Norway, Bulgaria or whoever else. Need to get past Finland first of course...
  18. Roma was in champions league pretty much every year for a long spell with those two playing for them. Celtic rarely make CL anymore so different argument. The Roma two did test themselves at the highest level for Roma, Tierney isn't.
  19. Weak up front but that's nothing new. The reality is it will be a damaged limitation 5 across the midfield away to Belgium so whoever is upfront won't be seeing much of the ball. Hopefully home advantage will be enough to see off Cyprus otherwise SC will start getting stick from his first game. Hopefully Ryan Fraser can stay fit now, have a run of games and start playing as well for his nation as he does for his club. He's going to be a key player in the final third when you look at the decisive period in March 2020.
  20. Finland is on an upward curve though when you look at their results in last 18 months. Iceland don't have many top level players either when you look at their regular squad but they all know their system and have confidence in each other. They rarely also have mass call offs which has been a major problem with Scotland NT for a while and will only stop when results improve.
  21. International football is all about being solid and tough to play against if you're not one of the elite nations. Actually even some elite nations set up with defensive mindset. Look at Portugal in euro 2016 who had world class players in the final third but grinded out wins in the knock out rounds. Look at how both Irish teams play. They lack quality in final third but can generally keep clean sheets home and away against the weaker teams in the group so that usually gets them in contention for play off birth. Wales have more quality but they also kept lots of clean sheets between 2014-16, they didn't concede a goal home or away to Belgium in euro 2016 qualifying. Dread to think how many is going to go in Scotland net in the two upcoming meetings. Scotland in the mid to late 90s were a very hard team to score against, even in major tournaments. The problem is the lack of good defenders atm. Guess you have to go with a young defence and just hope with experience they mature over time as happened with Wales although you go horror shows like in Kazakhstan. When SC was quoted the other week he actually named checked Ryan Jack when mentioning good young Scottish players around so he's a cert for the squad and can see him playing right back.
  22. Imagine if Wanyama and VDV were just content to stay at Celtic year in and year out and win treble trebles all the time. Both will be playing in a CL final next weekend. I know Tierney's homegrown and playing for Celtic is a dream but come on it's an easy life atm. If Celtic were more competitive in europe I could understand it a little bit but he really needs to come down to England in next 12 months to move onto the next level. Guess this injury might stop clubs bidding big money this summer and will wait to see how he plays when he comes back.
  23. Comedy Cooper now concedes penalty!
  24. High stakes game and Liam Cooper is on comedy hour.
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