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  1. Davy, Excellent work as usual. Can I book one seat from Larnaca please. Cheers, Al
  2. Top man Davy as usual. Can I book one seat please for me and my no-mates. 👍
  3. Looks like this message board is blocked in Albania. Can't access it on WiFi or data. I'm posting this via a vpn in the US. Hopefully no last minute updates re buses etc
  4. Aye, cheers mate. Sent myself cash but took 2 days to clear as it looks a bit fraudulent 😳 So they said.
  5. Thanks for all the help guys and girls, I'm in touch with Ghostie and hopefully all will be resolved soon. Although I did do 40,000 steps today trying to find an open Western Union 😫
  6. Folks, lost my wallet before the game yesterday but just been back in the last place I definitely had it and the shopkeeper found it - supermarket next to Mike's place in Tel Aviv. Says he gave it to a Scottish female. I'd be eternally grateful if I could be reunited with it. Al
  7. Top man Davy. Can I book one seat please. Cheers
  8. Hi Davy, Can I reserve one seat please? Excellent work btw. Many Thanks
  9. How much are they charging for guinness Ormond?
  10. I'm trying to keep the thread itself as clean as possible, but safe to say you're in.

    For list making purposes, can you reply with your "real life" name?

    Cheers, Peter



    1. Ex-Whitfield


      Yes mate, Allan MacDougall

  11. Tix arrived today. Now, where's my members pack?
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