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  1. buckielugger

    Clueless Scottish Labour Leader

    There is no logic other than blind unionism as to why Labour oppose Scottish Independence so virulently. Labour has, as far as I know, backed the independence of every other state in the world. Corbyn also backs NI leaving the UK. And yet when it comes to Scotland it's a total everlasting no. At least some like Henry McLeish can see the need for Labour to change, but they are seemingly a tiny minority. Until the rest of Labour wake up, then they will remain irrelevant and doomed in Scotland.
  2. buckielugger

    No Confidence Vote?

    A new PM highly likely. A GE highly unlikely. A Scottish PM? Possible! A certain Mr G definitely wants the job...
  3. Given they are now out in the open over this would imply they have already got tv deals provisionally sorted. Will UEFA (and member FAs) do anything to stop them? The example of English Premier Lge suggests not. But ideally all such clubs should be excluded henceforth from all competitions within their respective countries and be made very unwelcome if they ever ask to rejoin. FA's could also refuse to select any players at those clubs for national duty. So let these clubs f*ck off and enjoy their greedy millions and billions, but make them suffer every consequence possible and ostracise them from the rest of football forever.
  4. And a super league for the (financial) giants of Europe is indeed now being touted. So a major shake up could be on its way. If inter-national premier league's start happening, then Scotland would have to consider options too. Perhaps a Celtic League (but not with that name!!) would be possible as per rugby...Scotland, Wales & both Irelands...Wales certainly has a couple of big clubs, perhaps two or three could emerge in Ireland under a joint lge. As suggested already, a Scandinavian lge seems obvious, Balkans, etc etc. As for UEFA club competitions, as said above, go by highest placing for each nation's clubs seems simple enough.
  5. I have paid a special interest in Liechtenstein ever since our trip there 7 years ago. Apart from the game, had a lovely few days in the Principality with my gf. Such a friendly place. And one other little bit of (non-football) info, I believe the Crown Princess there, Sophie, is the current legitimate Jacobite line of descent...(or due to be the next one when her uncle dies)... Sophie Queen of Scots ?? 😏 (She was at our game there)
  6. buckielugger


    Interesting how there is (rightly) uproar by our various govts about ONE person killed by the Saudis, whilst perfectly happy to sell billions worth of weapons to them so they can kill many thousands of Yemenis.
  7. Terrific work, Clyde. Liechtenstein's ranking is pretty impressive btw.
  8. buckielugger

    Lunar Eclipse

    There really are some serious numpties in this world, and u are clearly right up there with the most numptiest
  9. Thought Hannah did very well. Liked Lisa Nandy too. Impressive. Tory woman was, well Tory. Dreadful.
  10. There will also be a hard land border for Gibraltar as things stand. They voted 99% to stay in EU ! And there would be a hard land border between an independent Scotland & an independent England as things stand. But proper land borders are hardly new... What could they entail? Would only freight be affected or all people crossing the border(s). Having travelled to NI a few times and the Republic too (by sea & from NI), I have only ever had full checks when leaving Scotland for NI, and flying from England to NI. Entering the Republic by road or sea has always be totally check free when I've done it. So my experience is that there is very much a full border NOW between Britain & NI,
  11. If all the hearsay on this is correct (And Mundell DIDN'T deny it except to say they were threatening resignations yet...), then very clearly the Scottish Tories have taken the DUP position fully as any differential deal that can leave NI in the single market/customs union could then be demanded very legitimately for Scotland as well. Mundell & Davidson have decided to act to block any such route for Scotland. Is it a no-deal now actually advantageous to achieving independence? Or does it make it harder? I don't actually know
  12. Has she actually had MORE appearances than all SNP guests put together? Quite possibly. Also noted that Anna Soubry used to be on VERY frequently until recent mths when clearly Tory party no longer allow BBC to show her.
  13. buckielugger

    Indy Ref 2

    So to be clear, whether right-wing Labour or left-wing Labour, it will always be Unionist Labour. And as such Labour in Scotland ceases to have any point whatsoever.
  14. For me (at the time) the question I asked the most was why is it ok for 200+ countries to be sovereign states, whose status is supported by all UK parties, and yet equally ok for those same Unionist parties deny such sovereignty to Scotland? I get that the Tories will have always backed Imperialism, but Labour??? Labour's opposition here to self-determination has always baffled me. Jeremy Cornyn is someone who I share so much of my politics AND like Jeremy I would back NI leaving the UK and would back full statehood for Palestine. How can he (and his party) therefore have any logical or credible opposition to Scotland also having sovereignty? Can any Labour supporters here please try and explain this political paradox to me?