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  1. Why is the fixture list totally run by Celtic all the time?
  2. It doesn't folliow that clubs would end up with a smaller share. Yes, cake divided between more teams, but what is more important is the size of the cake to be divided. A 14 team Premier (and even a 16 team one which I'd go for) would have more clubs involved, thus more fans to watch tv games, and so likely to generate better tv contracts. Of course that would depend on having league officials capable of negotiating better deals but current bunch, led by useless Doncaster, seem almost unable to even give away tv rights let alone get a proper rate for clubs.
  3. Absolutely they were. Next to zero chance Rangers could have caught them. And I'd give Rangers no chance next season either (and probably more beyond that). Gerrard out of his depth. Never liked him anyway. Well to be exact, cannot stand him one little bit. Hope he's a massive failure wherever he goes. But back to Celtic, yes they WOULD have won the league, but they didn't. I've no problem them being declared say as finishing first for the purposes of next season's UEFA qualification, but still don't think they (or any other divisional leaders) should have been awarded championships.
  4. And will keep saying this, Celtic did NOT win it. They did though manage to get their pawn, Doncaster, to hoodwink clubs to award them a false title.
  5. And doesn't that say it all. Albion who are happy to be in Scotland's national football league, but not willing to travel to another team in the same country. Must be a relief for them that they will never ever qualify for Europe! Utterly pathetic.
  6. And Brora chairman getting it spot on: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53068849
  7. Pleased for Thistle that they can also now pursue this further. Maybe funds are from Colin Weir's estate? Wherever they've come from, well deserved.
  8. All very fair points. Situation in Belgium & France certainly different in sense of clubs didn't vote for season termination. Then again, vote in Scotland may or may not have been valid...will we ever know any more on that? Presume if Hearts think they even have a small chance of success on the legal front, they will throw money at it. Can hardly blame them. Sadly, Scottish football has run with its head very deeply in the sand for too long. We have a national team who can't even get near finals tournaments anymore, an SPFL that can only attract a tiny fraction of tv money that other leagues manage, down to just 5 clubs who can hope for crowds over 10k. Only glimmer of hope for me is below the SPFL where the pyramid is finally coming together much better - the switch of ALL the West Junior clubs into the senior system at long last is very welcome, and follows most of the East Juniors doing the same last season. The remaining East Junior stragglers will doubtless follow along in due course, and hopefully we may see a proper Highland pyramid in place soon with the Nth Juniors and Nth Caledonian clubs feeding into Highland Lge. Just needs the SPFL to come up with something approaching sense!
  9. Well Kelty have averaged just under 500 for Lowland Lge games, best figures outside SPFL (don't have any figures for West Juniors) and better than 6 current SPFL clubs (Brechin, Albion, Annan, Cowdenbeath, Edinburgh City & Stranraer). Their brand new stadium will also bring some better facilities to the Lge. They may well mount another bid next season (depending on what's actually possible for anyone to do) but they did deserve a chance of going up this time.
  10. Indeed. This whole process has been handled wrongly from the start. The initial vote forced through by Neil Doncaster started this whole farce off. There was no need to do that at that time, just a massively rushed vote simply to ensure Celtic got "declared" as "champions". And all the mess since then is a consequence of that first very flawed vote. These last however many weeks could have been spent usefully discussing the best way ahead for Scottish football. An increased Premier is actually good even without current covid crisis. More interesting on the pitch, more clubs involved, and actually likely to lead to a bigger input of tv money for the simple reason that more clubs = more fans = more subscribers. A 14 team Premier could have run with a 7/7 split format. 26 games h/a then split into 2x7 and play 12 more h/a, total (as now) 38 lge games. A 16 team Premier could also have worked...30 games straight h/a then split into 2×8 and play other 7 once more, total 37 lge games. And without even looking at format of other divisions, perhaps a 16-10-10-10 idea could have got through or had more chance? As most clubs seem to have voted selfishly, maybe 3 sets of 4 teams all advancing might have switched those 12 benefitting clubs to the yes side (if they weren't already). The shutting off the pyramid at the other end has also been wrong. Again, clearly selfish voting going on. The Lge2 clubs had seen how easily Cove had marched past them all this season. They clearly feared Kelty and/or Brora would do exactly the same next season if they'd been allowed to join SPFL, and indeed very likely both would have done well, especially the very strong Kelty, who have a top set up, well funded, great new ground, loads of support. Really tough on them in particular. Anyway, onto a legal challenge now by Hearts, and fair enough. Belgium and France have already had their season-ending process deemed illegal so every chance Hearts have a valid case to put. Hope Partick especially, and Stranraer, Kelty & Brora, are able to add their participation to the legal process. A very messy but inevitable next step.
  11. We simply and obviously need Steve Clarke taking over asap. He could keep going at Killie at the same time too. He is one manager who knows how to properly organise average players. Very experienced now at coaching. Will know football north and south of the border in all necessary detail.
  12. Didn't know Jeff Lynne did football ratings but he nevertheless probably knows more than those involved in this shite !
  13. Is there a match thread somewhere on here? Can't find it !!
  14. Yes, good point. And of course even after the union of the crowns, Scotland remained independent for another century. Sadly there are some mindless people about. I know one leaflet produced by a Rangers fan in 2014 proclaimed Alex Salmond as an out and out papist, ignoring totally that Alex is a protestant and lifelong fan of protestant Hearts. For some the truth is irrelevant.
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