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  1. buckielugger

    Indy Ref 2

    So to be clear, whether right-wing Labour or left-wing Labour, it will always be Unionist Labour. And as such Labour in Scotland ceases to have any point whatsoever.
  2. For me (at the time) the question I asked the most was why is it ok for 200+ countries to be sovereign states, whose status is supported by all UK parties, and yet equally ok for those same Unionist parties deny such sovereignty to Scotland? I get that the Tories will have always backed Imperialism, but Labour??? Labour's opposition here to self-determination has always baffled me. Jeremy Cornyn is someone who I share so much of my politics AND like Jeremy I would back NI leaving the UK and would back full statehood for Palestine. How can he (and his party) therefore have any logical or credible opposition to Scotland also having sovereignty? Can any Labour supporters here please try and explain this political paradox to me?
  3. Thanks for thread, Flute. I remember staying in Bannockburn (as I thought it both appropriate and that it would bring luck) (wrong on both counts) I then remember watching the results coming in, and how it DID seem over right from the first results. And then Alex's resignation and "The Dream Shall Never Die". Well, it HASNT died. Whether it will take another year or two years or five years or another generation, Independence is the inevitable future for Scotland. And next time Scots get to vote, they will be voting for Independence, not as something nice to wish for, but as a 100% absolute necessity.
  4. buckielugger

    Let's give the girls our support in France

    Well we are bound to get Brazil and Costa Rica for starters and we will start with a duff result against the supposed minnows and then go out despite a near glorious effort against Brazil where we take the lead then only let in four but it doesnt really matter the main thing is to at long last be able to watch Scotland at a World Cup it has been far far too long and at least this one will be in France so about as easy to get to as it gets and i would love to go for sure as its also one of my favourite countries to visit so any trip will also be a family holiday just with my kilt on so yes cmon the scotland women
  5. buckielugger

    Indy Ref 2

    Obviously someone has taken a pile of cash from the record. Thats one issue. Anonymity of accused is another. In my view EVERYONE in every case (be it shoplifting or murder) should have total anonymity UNTIL any conviction. The media loves to fill its pages and broadcasts with vasts amounts of arrests & copious reporting of any case (AND non-cases) going. Any person subsequently cleared or not even charged has meanwhile had their name sullied repeatedly. We need a fundamental law change on this. If someone is found guilty and sentenced accordingly THEN it can be reported on but not until.
  6. I always find it odd how pretty much all of our media (and most politicians with them) repeat over and over again how bad the euro is and weren't we lucky we never joined. Yet when the euro started, the opening exchange rate was €1.50 / £1 Since then the euro has ALWAYS outperformed the pound. And yes current tourist rates are parity at best. When are we going to hear the truth on currency?
  7. buckielugger

    European Games

    Never watched a major world stars road race. Is it best to be at the finish line or watching on a climb (as lots do in Tour) or what? And yes enjoyed the Womens Race on tv. Know all the parts of Glasgow well that the race goes through so also enjoyed seeing many familiar sights/sites
  8. What on earth are u on about? Complete utter tosh/drivel/garbage/bollox
  9. buckielugger

    European Games

    Would love to go to the Men's cycling road race next Sunday morning...loads of star names from Le Tour in it.
  10. buckielugger

    Barry Chuckle

    I do hope the coffin bearers show full respect at the funeral...."to me...no to you...no to me...". Has to be done!
  11. On the housing topic, i would love prices to tumble dramatically. In fact i'd go further...housing prices and renta need to be removed from the capitalist free market process and full controls of both put in place. Such that say an average 3 bed semi should cost around 3 times the average salary. So let's say £75k. Then set up bands around that typical value allowing for locality & quality of property. A bit like rateable value. If an owner has substantially improved the quality of a house prior to sale then it may get judged to have moved up a notch or two otherwise it will be on sale for the band price it belongs in (those rates rising (or indeed falling) in accordance with typical salaries). That should bring an end to houses being a profiteering asset and turn them back into homes for people. Rents likewise to be controlled at a far more reasonable level. Oh and guess actual costs of building houses has to be a major part of setting price bands for them. For anyone put into a negative equity situation, maybe some transitional price freeze could be placed on such properties until new value band has reached existing value. Ultimately everyone with normal type incomes will benefit and overall personal debt should be a lot lower. Oh and whilst on the radical idea platform, how about doing something about very high pensions. Such as wealthy doctors etc might retire on. Whereby they can be in receipt of a pension way way above average earnings. Whilst at the other end of the scale millions of pensioners have very little to live on. So how about much higher taxes on the super pensions (which are frankly not needed at all !) and using it for a better base level pension for everyone else ?
  12. buckielugger

    Lunar Eclipse

    Yes exactly! All cosmology seems to make assumption that everything we know now has always been the case. Yet the resulting theories are full of paradoxes. Something somewhere has gone wrong in cosmology....
  13. Is it not odd that this conflation only seems to be applied to the criticism of Israeli state politics? Opposition to Soviet communism was never deemed anti-Russian, or opposition to Fascism deemed anti-German/Italian/Spanish etc etc. There must always be a legitimate position for people to be allowed to take to oppose the politics/practices of any state/government/party whenever & wherever such opposition is felt warranted.
  14. buckielugger

    Le Tour 18

    Come on Geraint !! Btw does the Champs Elysees also have time bonuses for 1st three? If so and if GC gaps are down to seconds after today's time trial, and with all main sprinters out, could there be GC fights for the final stage win?
  15. buckielugger

    Indy Ref 2

    And so the broken promises continue...