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  1. buckielugger

    Bridge across the Irish Sea?

    So maybe go Wigtown coast to IOM then a 2nd one over to somewhere in Ireland and dodge the deep bits 😃
  2. buckielugger

    Bridge across the Irish Sea?

    Actually would love a major civil engineering project like this (plus nice motorway for south ayrshire and one across galloway. Channel is a lot deeper than dover strait though so very difficult to do. How much for a tunnel?
  3. buckielugger

    Le Tour 18

    Really enjoying this opening Vendee stage. Had a wonderful holiday there a few years back. Sunny without being unbearable. Friendly place. Noirmoutier was a great day out. Salt pans amazing sight. Stayed close to La-roche-sur-Yon where finish is.
  4. buckielugger

    Russia 2018

    Absolutely. Should have left him there. He should by now have minimum 2 yellows & be banned. Faked a pen & then yesterday's megafit. An utter embarrassment to the game & so sad when pretty much rest of this world cup is fantastic.
  5. buckielugger

    Indy Ref 2

    On the Colombia note, i presume the country is named after Christopher Columbus. So....Columbia must be perfectly valid.... Btw how did THEY get their independence? Can someone who knows everything make a list of how all countries who have gained independence actually did so. And might also be interesting how many of those independence claims were supported by the then UK govt (and indeed how many supported by British Labour Party)
  6. Really really enjoyed the shows!
  7. Can't stand Lawrenson, all the Nevilles, Ian Wright (worst of all), Martin O'Neill. It really is a pretty dreadful offering. I do though really like Alex Scott and would be happy to see a lot more of her
  8. buckielugger

    Indy Ref 2

    Just pondering. Given all the recent "let's totally piss off the Scots" actions/statements etc from tories without & within Scotland, are they actually trying to drive Scotland to independence now on purpose?? Now they may be unionists by nature, but first & foremost they are overwhelmingly English nationalists. If they could get rid of Scotland it would likely give the tories a pretty good majority in Westminster for the forseeable future. MAYBE this is now the agenda of the tory brexiteers & their ilk.
  9. buckielugger

    Indy Ref 2

    The very fact that Irish re-union is now openly being discussed as possible, could actually assist Scottish independence as the UK would inevitably then be facing change. I watched Nicola's leadership speech in Aberdeen and whilst expecting a less than positive outlook for independence, was very impressed with everything she said, and how much more hopeful she was. The key to the next referendum has to be not that independence is something we would like, but that it's something we simply HAVE to have if Scotland is going to have any sort of positive future. Once enough people believe independence is a necessity, then the trigger can be pulled. Oh and how about the SNP rename to the Scottish INTERNATIONAL Party? To emphasise that Scotland is all about being part of the international community and that ALL are more than welcome.
  10. buckielugger

    Indy Ref 2

    A balancing act indeed. And as the post above said lots can and will happen before next HR election. A hard brexit could either be a big plus for independence or the converse. If we end up with costly trade tariffs between EU & UK (and the tory right want that) then those tariffs would apply between an independent Scotland in the EU & England (as well as between NI & ROI). So people would then be judging whether tariff-free trade with England matters more than tariff-free trade within EU. To get around that scenario then Scotland would need to go the Iceland/Norway route (also our neighbours) and be truly independent and able to agree tariff-free trade with everyone. My preference.
  11. buckielugger

    Indy Ref 2

    SNP do need to improve on that polling to hold onto the Govt it would seem. Is a formal alliance with the Greens worth considering to maximise the Indy side?
  12. buckielugger

    The Weather thread

    Just spent a week on Skye. Weather was way too hot. Car showed 32° at times. Sun never stopped shining. Midges were loving it (and me). Oh and any weathergirl better than Judith Ralston? Loved Off The Ball a while back with her as a guest. "So Judith, u know all about big cups" !! Classic.
  13. Someoe i work with went to Maguluf (not sure on spelling!). Drank EIGHT bottles herself of Sambuca plus loads of beers in FOUR days there. Two bottles of spirits PER DAY ! An utterly total waste of a life. No idea how she stays alive. Regularly has 24 cans per session. So i would never holiday in places where people like that go to. Have been to Dubrovnik, beautiful city I'd recommend also Liechtenstein. Loved trip there when we played them a few years back
  14. buckielugger

    Liverpool vs Real Madrid..

    Forget Champions Lge.... really looking forward to watching some football, not on Sky, but on SKYE !!
  15. buckielugger

    Liverpool vs Real Madrid..

    Didnt watch it. Didnt WANT to watch it. Cant stand Liverpool. Despise the neofascists running Spain now & their appalling suppression of self-determination in Catalonia so didnt want Madrid to have more success either. So avoided final. Up in the Highlands. No idea who won. No interest in who won. Plus Champions Lge itself is now run solely for the benefit of the few ultra billionaire clubs