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  1. Booked 4 rooms for friends in london who can no longer go 3x doubles 1x twin london Farrindon 17/6 till 20/6 rooms cost £349.97 each PM me with offers
  2. One of my group can't make the game on Saturday as something has come up and have to sell the ticket its right on the center line in section D North Stand you get a great view of the match. PM for details.
  3. Thanks for all the help guys but looks like I will be watching on TV. Cheers Tangerine someone got in touch with a spare direct flight from Edinburgh but Ryanair not playing ball.
  4. Was booked on the Edinburgh-London-Bologna flight tonight but missed it nightmare. Anyway long shot I know but is anyone booked on the Bologna flight tomorrow that can't go? Ryanair charge £115 name change would be happy to pay that. Cheapest flight I can find apart from that is £350.😥
  5. Does anyone have a link to watch the match online?
  6. another 2 required early doors and back to Albufeira same as above.
  7. Guys my mate called me wants to watch todays game in london anyone know who will be showing it? Thanks in advance ?
  8. Great tip on the app Deerus. I was there last time but the place I booked digs was way too far out of the main drag, I must be getting old but I cant remember the best area to stay in where most of the bars are I can remember hanger bar but think that was a bit out of the way too can anyone remember the best area to stay?
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