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  1. What do you think are the chances of away fans being able to travel and get into the Israel game in March 2021?
  2. MSP


    Hi, 2 of us arriving at Ben Gurian Airport on the Transavia flight number HV5799 at 11.45am. Anyone else on this flight who would like to share a taxi into the centre of Tel Aviv?
  3. The clue was in the emoticon!!!
  4. Going to away games, boycotting home games.........please explain in no more than 500 words! ?
  5. Guess you're selling your flights for Lithuania and Slovenia then!???
  6. Three of us in the Radisson Blu, got a really good deal by contacting them directly.
  7. Aberdeen - Vilnius via Frankfurt and return £196. Not bad and decent flight times.
  8. Have you seen the post Bus from Sliema/Gzira started by Kumnio on the Italy thread?
  9. I've seen you on cocktails..........best to stick to the cider.
  10. Axa hotel, looks good and a good price.
  11. We stayed there last time we were in Prague, and yip, it's close...ish to Wenceslas Square, about 15 minutes walk. There is a cracking wee pub right across the road. You go down a few stairs and you are in. A warning, stay off the Absynth, a number of us lost a day due to that stuff in this wee bar!!!!!!!!
  12. Can you put me down for 4 seats please if it is played in Zillini. Cheers.
  13. Great trip with a super atmosphere. Restaurants and bars we brilliant with us. Could be a long wait for the next trip.
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