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  1. Hi Davy One from Pafos please, if still available. Please forward payment details. Much appreciated
  2. I went to the Visa Centre in Edinburgh on 23 July and got my passport back eight days later. I waited and waited for the visa to arrive then eventually contacted the Visa Centre. I was advised to contact the courier DX. I just discovered the visa is INSIDE the passport. Please tell me I am not the only one.
  3. 10 minutes was all it took. Only problem was with the photo. I took a pic using my phone and printed it on photographic paper. The receptionist said it was too blurred. She helpfully said that they could take a suitable photo in the Visa Centre. £10 later, and the result was just as blurred as the original but strangely was acceptable.
  4. City-Airport taxis. The cost of a 6 seater taxi seems to be the same as a 3 seater for the same journey. It works out cheaper than bus because the bus only goes to Midi Station, then a Metro is needed to get into the centre of town.
  5. Three of us are flying from Edinburgh to Charleroi on Sunday at 18.45 with Ryanair. We have booked a 6-seater taxi to take us to our hotel close to Grand Place. Cost of taxi = 83 euros. We have 3 spare seats, which if we fill means 14 euros each. Anyone interested give me a reply
  6. We are booked for a 4 hour walking trip around Jerusalem on Wednesday at 11am. We are going for a bus at 9am from Tel Aviv bus station.
  7. Just bought my Israel away ticket but couldn't find a link to buy my son's ticket at the same time. I'm not happy that we have to pay £7.50 each for Special Delivery when two tickets could go into the one envelope. Has anyone else had this problem and am I being computer illiterate. as usual?
  8. The Wand is a gadget to deliver local anaesthetic very slowly so that it is almost painless. This is not available on the NHS. I spent several thousand pounds on a Wand unit and it has been sitting unused for years. You need looked after for a while after IV sedation. With RA sedation you are safe to drive a car immediately afterwards. IV tends to give a deeper level of sedation but RA is fine for 95% of nervous patients. So far as I know it is only a minority of dental practices who offer either form of sedation. Weight might be an issue with IV sedation but not with RA. For RA gas to work you have to be able to breathe through your nose.
  9. Inhalation sedation / laughing gas /Relative analgesia is less than £11 per session at NHS prices
  10. It can take time for composite fillings to settle. Indeed amalgam fillings can take time to settle also, but it is more common with composite.. A composite filling is glued into the cavity. As the composite sets it contracts a tiny amount which can set up some stresses within the tooth. This can lead to some tenderness. What you are looking for is that the tooth feels a bit better as each day goes by. If the tooth is beginning to settle, the replacement filling can sometimes be placed over the dressing and thus avoid disturbing the deepest part of the cavity. It does sound hopeful that it is settling. If your dentist has digital xrays, then ask to see them on the computer monitor and ask the dentist to explain what they mean to you. She should point out the decay and the pulp of the tooth where the nerve is. This should help you to feel a bit more confidence in the diagnosis and treatment. "It wasn't sore until she filled it" is not unusual. All I would say is that if the decay was left to spread it would eventually lead to pain. Restoring a small cavity is more likely to be successful than decay that has become more extensive. Best wishes
  11. Why would you think there would be no dentists on TAMB? We don't all follow the rugby. £70 is for a private filling I presume. On the NHS if a filling is replaced within a year it is free. You would just pay for the root treatment and any xrays needed. Your private dentist may do the same - just ask. The dentist probably filled the tooth in the hope that it would settle down without needing root treatment. Unfortunately that hasn't worked. In that situation it is either root treatment or extraction. Antibiotics is only a short term fix. The tooth needs sorted or the problem will come back. Your new dentist is trying her best. Not every treatment is successful, and pain is no reflection on the quality of treatment. Best follow her advice and get the tooth sorted as she suggests.
  12. Hi Davy 2 for me please if available.
  13. We don't get back to Glasgow from Israel until 5.30pm. What's the chance of an evening kick-off?
  14. SSC say they have had no tickets returned, which is unusual. Changing away points from 1 point to 2 points is having the unintended consequence of making harvesting more attractive. This will probably continue in future games. If you don't get your ticket in the initial sale, you've had it.
  15. I'm looking for a ticket too, but as I understand it, every Scotland-section ticket will have the purchaser's name on it which must match the passport of the holder. So I am looking for a ticket and a false passport. It's not going to happen
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