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  1. Tierney looked good. Arteta must see him as his first choice LB/LWB McBurnie was causing Arsenal all sorts of problems in the air. He’s definitely an asset in our squad. Fleck looked ok but we’ve got slightly better CMs.
  2. Yes! Would love to see the full Bulgaria game again. Probably the highlights I go back to on YouTube more than any other. Love that Chris Burke goal.
  3. Dykes is a much better player than Brophy. Hornby has barely played professional football and he’s not done well on his loan. Rhodes is past it, there’s no way he should be considered. Naismith isn’t as good as he was and should only be considered due to experience. Dykes has all the attributes to be a good standard international player and play at high level English Championship. Not sure why he’d pick us over Australia though.
  4. UEFA currently considering delaying Euros to 2021. Think that’s looking likely now. Wonder if they’d delay the play offs too.
  5. He’d be in my next squad for the Nations League. He’s going to be that division’s player of the year. Been playing a Ryan Christie type role. Would be a good back up to him. Would love Harvey Barnes (scored 2 tonight) but Clarke’s chat with him must not have been positive in a Scotland sense.
  6. Serie A off for a month. Were scheduled to finish 24th May. Euros start 12th June. Not sure how they can fit those fixtures in. Rome are a host city too.
  7. Reckon the presenter is speaking shite though. Probably doesn’t understand that residency rules don’t come in to play for home nations.
  8. 32mins and on, clears it up nicely 😃
  9. Like this team too, let’s see how Gilmour does today and Chelsea’s remaining games before he’s in the starting 11 ahead of Fleck and McGregor though. Also need to see if McGinn is fully fit to start. But that’s a pretty ideal team I’d like to see all going well and if we qualified for the Euro’s.
  10. Gilmour is the first Scottish outfield player to start for Chelsea in the EPL since...Steve Clarke! source Opta
  11. Marshall, Kelly, McLaughlin Palmer, Hanley, Cooper, Findlay, Gallagher, Robertson, Taylor, Tierney Christie, Forrest, Fraser, McTominay, McGregor, Fleck, Armstrong, McGinn, Jack, Gilmour Griffiths, McBurnie, Naismith, Paterson Something like this? Give McGinn 20 mins against Israel, hope we win and start him in the final. No specialist right back cover but 3 left backs in the squad. If Tierney isn’t fit then put O’Donnell in. I want to put Shankland in but think Paterson would give a really good option if we’re chasing a game. Plus he’s a utility player.
  12. If Palmer is playing shite I'd be tempted to put Jack there. Realise he's not played there in years but he'd do a job. I'm sure Clarke has been watching Palmer closely and looking at other options.
  13. Cooper got the clean sheet for Leeds. Norwich's Hanley got beat 1-0. 👍 Both captains too btw.
  14. 😂 To be fair Findlay and Gallagher are probably next in line but those two are significantly ahead at the moment.
  15. 5th clean sheet in a row from Cooper and Hanley was apparently Norwich's best player despite a 1-0 defeat. Those two have to be starting centre half pairing for the play offs. Great to see that Griffiths got a hat trick. The starting 11 is shaping up nicely. Just need McGinn to get fit and Christie to show some form. Palmer at right back is a worry though.
  16. Ryan Fraser player well today against Liverpool. Would have scored but for an amazing goal line clearance. Created a couple of chances too. Think he’s playing well enough to start for us against Israel.
  17. Hopefully he gets some game time against Chelsea and the week after. If that’s the case I’d play him for the last 20/30 mins against Israel no matter with a view to start him in (hopefully) the final.
  18. Looks like Dubbur is injured and won't play in March. Their other star striker, Zahavi (13 goals in his last 9 internationals and 29 in 28 league games!) last played on the 1st of December. The Chinese Super League hasn't started for their new season due to the Coronavirus and probably won't start before our fixture (?) I'd be very disappointed if we can't get past this team at home.
  19. Gilmour looked great tonight but I wouldn’t put him straight in the starting line up. I’d probably look to get him in the squad though. Basing it purely on playing well in one game against Liverpool isn’t right. McTominay, Fleck, McGinn, Armstrong and McLean have played very well against stronger sides than Liverpool put out tonight. I’d also argue that McGregor and Christie (against Lazio) shown this too. Probably Jack too. It’s impressive because he’s 18. Get him in the squad for experience but allow the guys who’ve played well for us and for their clubs for the whole season to start.
  20. Nah it’s quite a big difference. McGinn has played significantly higher up the pitch than the 2 other central midfielders. If we are to play the 4231, Clarke needs to make the call on who plays the McGinn role if he’s not fit.
  21. 3 clean sheets in a row for Liam Cooper. Captains the team that have conceded the least in the championship and sit 2nd in the league.
  22. We have a better manager. And personnel wise. Calum Patterson played right back, Bates and McKenna centre backs. McGinn and McTominay can come in. I’d say that’s an improvement.
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