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  1. Minor injury and is meant to be back for their midweek game. Does seem quite injury prone though.
  2. But McGinn has been playing that central attacking midfield role for us and Villa recently. You're either suggesting that McGinn moves back a little and passes the ball more with Christie ahead or having Christie and McGinn both as attacking central midfielders. Both of these would leave us flimsy in midfield especially in a game like Norway or Serbia away.
  3. If he was completely unavailable he’d come out as say he’s retired. There’s an interview with Liam Palmer in October saying he reckons that Fletcher would make himself available for a major tournament. Maybe these games would convince him? For me it’s a 100% no if he wanted to play in the finals only after watching his team mates get there. But I’d consider him if he wants to play in March. If I were Clarke I’d say to all of the players that ‘have made them selves unavailable’/retired that they won’t be picked for the finals unless they make themselves available for these games too.
  4. If the season progresses how it has been and our striker choices remain the same would you start Fletcher in the play-offs? This is assuming the options remain as they are i.e. McBurnie remains bit part at Sheffield United, as does Griffiths at Celtic and Naismith is fit and playing for Hearts. He's scoring goals and has been important to us in the past. I think I'd struggle to say no considering our limited options but it sends a poor message to the rest of the players.
  5. Tried to half watch his game during the Aberdeen match. Played left wing and thought he looked dangerous running at defenders. Made a really good run at 0-0 to be out through on goal but fluffed it wide. His finishing seems really weak and worryingly still needs to work on his touch . Think he's a good option if we're chasing the game though.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking this while writing post. On paper our team looks good, but with obvious weaknesses at centre back and centre forward. For me our defence can only improve, McKenna should get better with more game time after injury and if not Cooper steps in. Our striker will be Naismith who'll also me much more match sharp by March and be putting away at least one more of the chances he got on Tuesday. Griffiths or Fletcher might also come back...and Burke or McBurnie might surprise. So maybe not as weak as we think. Can Norway or Serbia improve much more by March? I'm not so sure.
  7. Liam Cooper on the bench for Leeds. Injury was obviously legit, wouldn't leave their captain on the bench otherwise. Lets see if he does well after getting back into their team. Could replace McKenna in March.
  8. Thought it would be useful to profile our opponents and potential opponents in the play offs. Israel Finished 5th out of 6th in their qualification group. Won only one away game against Latvia and lost their last qualification game against Macedonia. Overall a weaker campaign than us and obviously finished below us in the Nations League. We should be fairly big favourites in this game. I've seen lots of references to us only beating them in a 3-2 nail biter last year - I didn't see it that way. We created much more chances than them and dominated in parts. AND this is when McLeish was in charge, hopefully most have seen improvement particularly in the last two games since then. They're likely to line up with mostly Israel based players plus Beram Kayal, Elhamed at Celtic, plus a 32 year old striker, Zahavi, who plays in China and their star player Dabbur who hasn't managed to play for Seville this season. Norway This is a much tougher opponent, especially away from home. Lost just once in qualification in a group that contained Spain and Sweden. They haven't lost a home game since they were beaten by Germany in 2016. Would be a big ask for us to beat them in Norway! Although a draw and pens would do it... Not sure if too many know of their squad but they've got lots of younger, promising players coming through. Main threat is probably former wonderboy Martin Odegaard who's still only 20. Plays for Real Sociedad in a Kevin De Bruyne type role - really impressed last year in the Dutch league and has done well so far in La Liga. Their other wonderboy is Erling Haaland who's only 19. Has an insane goalscoring record in Norway and Austria and has scored 7 in the champions league this season. Been talked about for an £80M move to the world's biggest teams already. They've also got Josh King at Bournemouth, Ajer and Elyounoussi at Celtic and another youngster Berge at Genk in centre midfield. For me, they're favourites against Serbia at home. I actually think we match up to them pretty well though, we'd love a Haaland as a striker and Ajer at centre back but guys like Robertson, Tierney, McGinn, McTominay, Fraser and Christie would make their team. We'd need to dominate midfield, where we're stronger and take pressure off our centre backs. It will be tough but I still feel this is a winnable game for us. Serbia Had a tough group to qualify from, Ukraine finished top and Portugal second. Their competitive home record is pretty good, losing only to Portugal since 2014. They weren't entirely convincing in this campaign, struggling to beat Luxembourg and losing 5-0 away to Ukraine. They're probably a team that have stronger individuals than their performances or results show. Although I think an away match against them will be tougher than Norway so hopefully they put them out. Their stars are probably Tadic at Ajax, Milinkovic-Savic at Lazio and Mitrovic at Fulham (who obviously could play at a higher level). They've also got defenders at Roma, Napoli and Fiorentina and the striker Jovic at Real Madrid. A really strong balanced squad that should be qualifying for tournaments. We should take heart from the fact they don't seem to have put performances in despite their squad. And that they'll probably lose away to Norway in the semi. Overall I think we've got the squad to beat all 3 teams and this is easily the best chance for us to qualify for a tournament since 1998. Hopefully a strong performance at Hampden can give us confidence to get into a final that'll probably be around 30/70 against us.
  9. No, Serbia and Norway were group winners so won't move to any other group. The slots will be filled with teams that finished 2nd and maybe 3rd in League C.
  10. I remember watching an interview with O'Donnell earlier this year, was a bizzare but funny video of him baking empire biscuits. He mentioned not really dreaming of playing for Scotland and noted that his Dad was Irish. He did also say it was an amazing experience getting his first cap and how proud he was but thought it was interesting and shows that nationality isn't binary. If Palmer wants to play for us and he qualifies he should play.
  11. Thought the performance was OK and that's with us missing our 4 highest profile players. Think that's the formation we should continue with as it allows us to play with 3 centre midfielders and Christie. We need to play to our strengths and at the moment that's in midfield. McTominay can slot in to McGregor or Jack's position when he's fit and Fraser can potentially come in for Forrest. Marshall - He's solid, would be good to have a peak McGregor or Gordon but he's decent enough. Palmer - OK defensively but weak at passing and getting forward to swing crosses in. Tierney would be massive improvement here. McKenna - Not sure what's up with him. He is just back from injury but has regressed since his breakthrough. Shouldn't be starting for us based on that performance. Being put on his arse but a Cypriot journeyman is embarrassing. I know he's not a favourite on here but Liam Cooper is probably the way forward at LCB, and maybe Findlay. Gallagher - Was actually better than I thought but will probably be out of his depth against strikers like Haland, King and Mitrovic. If John Souttar or David Bates can get fit and start putting in performances I'd put them in. Taylor - Was OK, nice play for the goal but wasn't a fan of much else. Obviously Robertson coming back in will improve us. Jack - Thought he played well in the first half, passed it well enough and helped out defensively. I think that McTominay could do this better though. McTominay partnered with McGregor as the two deepest midfielders could share defensive duties and break forward whilst the other sits. McGregor - Don't think he fully gets in to his Celtic form for Scotland. Hopefully he starts getting it by March. Is really tidy with the ball and is good at playing little triangles with the wingers. McGinn - Is now in his Aston Villa role for Scotland. Has to start every game, so good at getting into the box at the right time, uses his strength and presses really well. Doesn't have to try make a million passes and play near his own box. Christie - Is so so good. Quality for the first goal and has the best touch in our squad. Has to start every game now too. He isn't as effective as a right winger but we need to play McGinn too. Forrest - Thought he was a bit meh, way to hesitant with the ball. Normally a fan of his but I think I'd prefer Fraser there. Naismith - He tried his best. I'd much prefer Steven Fletcher...I'd actually play Chris Martin over him too. Assume Fletcher will make himself available in March - he probably goes straight into the first 11. Would be nice to have Griffiths as an option too. So encouraging overall, I can see where goals can come from in the squad but really worrying in defence BUT I think it'll be an improved and new starting 4 in March. So maybe not as bad as we think. Hopefully we can put out this team. GK - Marshall RB - Tierney LB - Robertson CB - Cooper, possibly Findlay. CB - Souttar but wouldn't mind Gallagher or Bates too much. CM - McTominay CM - McGregor CAM - McGinn RW - Christie LW - Fraser ST - Fletcher
  12. Serbia playing now and have taken the lead against Ukraine. As things stand they won’t be in the play offs because Portugal aren’t beating Luxembourg.
  13. Ryan Gauld scores for top of the league Farense!
  14. I like that team from what we have available. Although, hope that McGinn plays higher than McGregor not as you've suggested. Does his best work closer to the box, and McGregor looks after the ball better.
  15. We’re more likely to not qualify than qualify but this is still a very good chance to make it to a major tournament. I’d say a higher chance than at any other point since we qualified in 1998 as far as I am aware and a much bigger chance than qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. And I’d like to think I could be called up but don’t think Steve Clarke scouts Tuesday night 5’s at Goals Aberdeen.
  16. Okay, I’ll amend my comment to ‘stating that we don’t have any competitive matches (that mean something) before the World Cup qualifiers’ is wrong.
  17. Stating that we don’t have competitive fixtures until the World Cup qualifiers isn’t an opinion. It’s wrong.
  18. Why are you continuing to troll about this? We have a decent chance of qualifying for the 2020 Euros through the play offs. The team we play at home in the play-offs are going to be weaker than us, this is a game we will be favourites for. Therefore, we are more than likely going to play a one off game to reach the the finals. If we reach that one off game we’ll be as close to a major tournament since 1998. But yeah, let’s experiment in these ties...who cares about reaching Euro 2020.
  19. Read Andy Robertson’s interview this morning. I’m not really satisfied that he couldn’t play apart of the squad. Ok he has a niggle, but he’s clearly just resting because he thinks he’ll have to play a lot of games for Liverpool in the Christmas period. He even came out with this statement: ‘The fact my ankle has swollen up again has made it easier to miss these games.’ He obviously didn’t want to play even if he didn’t have this knock. This doesn’t send out a good message at all. Almost the same situation with Tierney and I expect Fraser too.
  20. Yeah, there’s a draw to determine who moves to Path A. We might get Romania, Israel or Hungary instead. Bulgaria and Israel seem we weakest. Norway were all but ruled out of the qualifiers tonight. They’ll probably play Serbia unless Luxembourg/Lithuania can take some points from Portugal in November.
  21. Yeah we should definitely be supporting them in the rest of the qualifiers. It’ll be Israel in the play offs instead if they manage to sneak in. Might end up being Bulgaria at home then Israel at home, even we could get through those games!
  22. It annoys me that some were stating that the team playing on Thursday was almost our best 11. I’d say only Marshall, Robertson, McGinn and Fraser would be in our best fully fit starting 11 at the moment. And even then Clarke played Fraser as RW rather than his preferred LW position. The centre back pairing is way way down in the pecking order. McKenna and Bates did well for us in the nations league and would be my starting 2 and if not Soutter or Hanley or Cooper are ahead of the two that started. No wonder we’re conceding. Tierney’s level is massively above SOD or Palmer even as a right back. He’d improve us massively. McTominay is also an obvious choice to replace Fleck or McGregor. Christie also is clearly in our strongest 11...I have no idea why Clarke omitted him. Snodgrass is not good enough anymore, I have no idea why he played as a left winger over Fraser. Forrest is our best right winger, simple as that. He’s doing it for Celtic, impressing in Europe and has played some brilliant football for us recently. He’s obviously our best right winger. McBurnie is miles ahead of any of our other strikers. Premier league quality, those who say he isn’t good enough for Scotland have no idea. Clarke’s biggest challenge is getting all our best players onto the pitch. And having a settled 13/14 players that know their job. Our strongest 11 is good enough to qualify but we’re a B team each time we play at the moment and it’s not even a consistent B team in term of personel.
  23. We have another Scot abroad! Kinda... Charles Boli, son of Roger Boli and nephew of Basile Boli was born in Dundee. 21 and is as a winger for Lens in the French second tier. He’s got a couple of assists this season and Lens sit second in the table. One to keep an eye on and would be eligible for the under 21’s.
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