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  1. Alright Davy..I have sent payment for x2 tickets(plus donation).. will email passport details etc shortly.. well done appreciated brian/heather Limassol bus 1
  2. Hello Davy. we are booked on the Limassol bus x2 ( Heather grant/Brian McGhee), could you put us down for 2 tickets for game. thanks for all your updates,information and planning cheers
  3. Thanks Davy . i have paid £24 through PayPal. And after your information on the Nicosia area I will cancel my hotel and return on the bus to Limassol. i appreciate all the work/planning your doing to organise all this. cheers . brian
  4. Alright Davy. thanks for quick reply. The bus from Limassol sounds great. If you could keep me right on the best way to book/pay for this i would appreciate it.and any updates regarding tickets over the next few weeks/months would be great. i mentioned hospitality tickets to the S.F.A. And they suggested contacting the Cypriot FA?! i have booked royiatiko hotel (Nicosia)for day/night of game. I planned to return by public transport to our hotel (Mediterranean beach hotel) the next day. But if the bus is returning after the game to Limassol that would also be good?
  5. Hi ..first time on forum..staying in limassol and staying in Nicosia on day of match. any tips on obtaining tickets (home or away end) and transport from limasoll. travelling for fiancées 50 th birthday celebration thanks
  6. Hello,i am staying in lamassol for a week and Nicosia for the night on match day. as part of my fiancées 50th holiday celebrations. attend home games but not eligible for away tickets,any info on best way to try and attend gamex2 tickets in any area of the stadium.and transport from Limassol to Nicosia? cheers brian
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