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  1. Songs you hate.

    I hate this song slightly less now.
  2. Songs you hate.

    Starship - We Built This City
  3. Rumours Murty was bitten during a scuffle! Got to be a wind up......surely
  4. Aye top job which surely puts to bed any delusion that Derek McInnes is a good manager. Dons should be way ahead points wise of Graham Murty's Rangers. If McInnes loses the two old Firm games coming up his job must be up for question. Having said that I hope Derek gets the Ibrox job
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43793483 Looks like Kenny Miller is ruling himself out of the job.
  6. Got to be the most lacklustre build up to a Scottish Cup semi final ever. Well fans should be cherishing these rare days. As for asking Dons fans to come to Glasgow for a 12:15 ko - utter madness.
  7. Password Request

    Been trying for sometime for New password request and not receiving the email although it said it's been sent. Email definately correct and checked junk files, etc. Obviously I have eventually remembered it but wondering if other members have been experiencing same problem and gave up.
  8. McLesh's signings at Motherwell were shockingly bad but the top of the shit pile was a guy called John Hendry £200000 signing from Spurs reserves. Left the following season for Fort William and flopped there too.
  9. Next Scotland Manager ?

    The problem is he significantly ruins teams. He more often than not inherits good teams and wastes them.
  10. To stay or go?

    Gone. Thanks for the effort Gordon. F#ck off Mcliesh
  11. BBC "Scotland"/STV

    LUXURY! For us to find out score Our dad would write down result then tie note to pigeon's leg then we'd eat the pigeon for our tea.
  12. To stay or go?

    Stay. We seems to have a buzz at the moment that I haven't felt for a while, something seems to have turned. As mentioned above tho, whether he wants to stay is a different matter.
  13. New jerseys?

    Not bothered too much with particular design but it's got to be dark blue top, white shorts, red socks. I may have mentioned this before.
  14. For anyone who still doubts there are paid unionist trolls. Check out the view comments (BBC, I know...I know) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-41484153
  15. Michelle Duberry

    Googled her and Michelle Keegan was next name down. So not a compete waste of time.