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  1. Hi Davy , looking for 3 tickets if possible please thanks, matthew
  2. Looking for 3 seats tomorrow on the bus , if possible please 😀
  3. Where's likely going to be the busiest pub tonight in Rimini? Group of 4 of us have just got here. Cheers
  4. 07740356672 is my number I'm around Wembley atm have away end tickets therefore selling these. cheers
  5. I have 3 tickets for sale in the slovakian end heres the details: Gate -E,F Sector - 12 Row - 5 Seat - 16,17,18 Im in Bratislava right now and bought these tickets as a back up but have tickets in the away end which we are using. Message me on this or text me on 07740356672 and i can meet you. Cheers
  6. How much is the beer over there ? heard that it is very cheap! Suppose it depends where you go as in malta some places were incredibly cheap and some weren't
  7. Just wondering where everyone will be meeting and drinking in Slovakia as in Malta we seemed to be spread out , I fly out tomorrow morning from London Stansted and will be in Bratislava at 11am. Cheers ?
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