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  1. Because in recent history he does. Grant Hanley has a better goal scoring record than McBurnie over the past 12 months. Says it all.
  2. Are you now saying McBurnie is a bigger goal threat than Adams? Even for you, that’s pretty ridiculous 🤣
  3. McGregor today again completely top drawer btw, on another note
  4. And much much much more of a goal threat
  5. This has to happen. It’s complete madness to pick Palmer over him. Doesn’t even matter if he misses the next few games.
  6. Was just about to post this, he looks really really good today. Must be so close to a call up.
  7. Yeah his manager says he will be back for pre season. Sigh of relief for the majority of Scotland fans!
  8. It was during that very strange period where Hearts played a load of young players & did well... then signed a whole new team & chucked all their young players and instantly were relegated.
  9. The Israel goal was straight at him from 30 yards - it was a gigantic howler. The Austria goal was not quite as big an error but still an error. Both entirely Marshall’s fault. Gordon was also fairly poor v the Faroes barring one good save - he almost gifted them a tap in. Allan McGregor would have given us two or maybe three wins most probably, which shows what a step up in class of goalkeeper can do for you. Hopefully McCrorie, Kelly etc can come through and develop into a McGregor standard goalkeeper.
  10. Dykes could keep scoring in the championship & Adams could score none between now and the end of the season & it’s likely Adams would start at the Euros based on the last few games for us
  11. I know! Robertson, Tierney, Doig, Hickey, Maxwell etc. It’s bizarre really. Be very nice if Hickey starts shifting to right back & competes with Patterson for the long term right back berths
  12. It’s great how he’s coming into form at the right time too. Adams will definitely start but Dykes will be a weapon to come off the bench. Maybe they can play uptop together too? Adams, Dykes, Nisbet & Griffiths/Shankland - not too and really.
  13. Another goal for James Maxwell today that’s 5 for him from left back. He was so good against Hibs last week too on Friday eve tv. Be good to see him in the SPL on loan next season & see what he can do.
  14. Totally forgot about him. That’s very true
  15. It’s probably the last we will see of McBurnie in a Scotland shirt now as the other strikers can establish themselves & by the time he’s back we should have Griffiths at a new club and more available as well as our current top 4 choice strikers of Adams, Dykes, Nisbet & Shankland
  16. He was so good at youth level. Be interesting to see how he does next season. Could have a Kevin Nisbet type trajectory, hopefully!
  17. Thats a very accurate summary. McBurnie missing is a bonus in all reality.
  18. Jack is a huge blow. McBurnie is a bonus. Gutted for Jack and the most recent games showed how much we miss him.
  19. It was because of that rule Rangers sold Chris Woods & bought Goram. During the early to mid 90s they only really had Hateley, Mikhailichenko, Huistra & Steven who were non Scots regulars.
  20. Sad for McBurnie but to be honest It is good news for our squad selection.
  21. That’s all very true. The court will probably increase Kudelas ban. Could see him getting sacked yet.
  22. Good. Should be 12 months. UEFA have totally shat it tbh and taken the easy route out.
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