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  1. Tried to send you amessage but wrote that you canny receive it.

    How are you mate,hope you are well.

    All the best


  2. The best coffee is Turkish made. Grind coffee beans and put teaspoonful of sugar and when water boiled two coffee teaspoonful in about 2 dl of water.
  3. I'm so tired,Happiness is a warm gun,For no one,Why don't we do it in the road.
  4. In my life is one of my favourite song,White Album is my favourite album.
  5. If there is anyone who love The Beatles? Which album or song is your favourite one?
  6. The Beatles-White Album The Dark Side of the Moon All mod cons Setting sons
  7. Hope that scottish will not judges all nation because of few idiots who made Nazi simbol. I am Croat,proud of it but not hate anyone. Support our team and respect to any other team.
  8. he said. Send me your address. I have a lot for sale. Do you want one of Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow? Have sale in Cyprus Tartan Army Regards, Legia Hoolies
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