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  1. emiliano bari

    Ferry from Bari to Durres - party in Bari

    well I guess will catch the same boat. I ll let you know if i take my car too. How many you are?
  2. Hi all guys, for whose will catch a ferry from Bari to Durres on the 15th or 16th night there is the possibility to plan something in here before.... and of course enjoy the ferry trip too. Anyway, if you need any kind of help in Bari like where to sleep, how to reach Bari, where to eat and drink etc. let me know. I will try do my best for you. For anything you write me here or on Facebook (Emiliano Tartan Adailton).
  3. emiliano bari

    Watching The Game In Cannes (France)

    ok...will try contact hem in advance ...it seems also to be the same street where my hotel is located eheh....easier reach the bed in case of victory (or draw) ehehheh
  4. emiliano bari

    Watching The Game In Cannes (France)

    that's great..I will be there for work for one ween since the 7th of sept..the day of the Germany match.If you have some contact would be great ...
  5. Anybody round there in that day to watch the match together somewhere?
  6. emiliano bari

    National Anthem

    I am totally agreed with you Caig..it is my same point view..now as never before it's needed to scream it to restart everything..
  7. Emiliano-were you in the Scotland end in a World Cup qualifier in the Olympic Stadium Rome when we got beat 3-1. Kevin Gallagher scored for Scotland.

    1. emiliano bari

      emiliano bari

      sorry..not menage well my profile so good yet :)...wasn't there in ROme. Hope meet you in next qualifications ;)..bye