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  1. Guys I will back to Bari at 2 pm from work (I took half day off to be your resident guide eheh). I am thinking about where to stay for some beer and food. So we can think to meet up there (there's a fountain in the square just in front of the main entrance) and then try go to eat something together. From rail station and port you need 20 min. From center to Port 15 min. From old town to port 10 min. For check in you need be there 1h 30 before...don't stress too much about it because is low season now ;). I am writing a MP with my cell number. We are already 5-6 for tomorrow and in the train from Brindisi to Bari . Hope to meet you all tomorrow and write me in any case of need.
  2. Hi all guys, Thursday I will tray take half day off at work to be with you around in Bari before the ferry. We can go have a quick tour through Bari with some stop to have a beer or two. Who want can contact me with a MP in FB. I am EMILIANO TARTAN ADAILTON. CHEEEEERS
  3. i think you will be around 20 people in the same boat and coming from Rome :). Anyway in that period of very low season ii is enough to go in the port for the check in 1h.30 - 2h afore. Anyway I will be there with you guys (hopefully to get the same ferry too).
  4. Mattarese fortunately died 3 years ago... now we are in 4th division after have played play off to get in 1st division and the following crack of last management. Napoli president bought our team now... hopefully we ll reborn stronger ehheeh..... see you in tirana or in Glasgow 3 days later... i have to choose to get an holidays week in scotlabd and watch the irsael match at hampden. in that case no time to go in Albania I think... will see
  5. Ok pal, for anykind of help feel free to ask my help ;)...how many days you think stay here?
  6. well I guess will catch the same boat. I ll let you know if i take my car too. How many you are?
  7. Hi all guys, for whose will catch a ferry from Bari to Durres on the 15th or 16th night there is the possibility to plan something in here before.... and of course enjoy the ferry trip too. Anyway, if you need any kind of help in Bari like where to sleep, how to reach Bari, where to eat and drink etc. let me know. I will try do my best for you. For anything you write me here or on Facebook (Emiliano Tartan Adailton).
  8. ok...will try contact hem in advance ...it seems also to be the same street where my hotel is located eheh....easier reach the bed in case of victory (or draw) ehehheh
  9. that's great..I will be there for work for one ween since the 7th of sept..the day of the Germany match.If you have some contact would be great ...
  10. Anybody round there in that day to watch the match together somewhere?
  11. ahhahaha...yes..tired..ahahha...please hug them by my part and my girlfriend one too...eheheh if you can give me their contact it will a pleasure could thank them directly eheh...
  12. Thank you so much guys...I neither know their names but they arrived at the Confession Box pub during the anthems and gave me 2 tickets for free because too tired apparently..and i run by taxi at the stadium. If sombody knows them please hug them by my part. Mr. S. Walsh was written on the tickets also if maybe is some Irish people that got the tickets for us...
  13. just found it on youtube hihihi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AOipglT22M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AOipglT22M
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