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  1. McToot

    Kick Off Time.

    What time do the buses leave Tel Aviv?
  2. McToot

    Free tour of Murrayfield

    The SRU tweeted it a few days ago. Sure it specifically mentioned SSC members and there were 100 places. Assumed we’d get an email from SSC about it, but nothing thus far.
  3. McToot

    First Scotland games

    First memory of watching on TV was qualifying campaign for Italia’90. Remember rushing home from school to watch all of the next for major finals we reached. Typically started going not long after that. First home game was v Finland at Easter Road in 1998. Didn’t start going on a regular basis until 2001. First away game was v Germany in 2003. That was when I truly caught the bug.
  4. McToot

    One more friendly for 2018?

    There’s only been 2 European champions since Greece and the other has games. Hoping for Portugal as well. Like many others, biggest UEFA team I’ve not seen us play.
  5. McToot


    If the Hungarian fans have do this as well, then the Hungarian FA must have the facility to put names on tickets. Maybe they’ll get the list this week from SSC and add them? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I had to phone up yesterday as I hadn’t allocated the tickets to members. I mentioned about selecting postage and maybe should have just selected pick up given time scales. They said good chance we’ll all have to pick up for that reason.
  6. McToot

    Autumn 2018 Friendlies

    I think they already have Nations League games
  7. McToot

    Autumn 2018 Friendlies

    Sweden and Austria have their games confirmed now. So assuming we play a European team we’re left with; Belgium, Croatia, Denmark (Sept only), The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia (Sept only) in October if say Belgium play Croatia and Netherlands play Portugal, I’m not sure how UEFA can then decide on our fixture 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. McToot


    Went to Szechenyi a few years back and enjoyed it, although I guess it was reasonably crowded. We were going to try Gellert this time as we’re just across the bridge from it. Which would you recommend?
  9. McToot

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Totally understand your position. Unfortunately if he continues the way he’s going, I can’t see him being at Killie next season.
  10. McToot

    Machu Picchu And Kilts

    Thinking same. I see it’s about £5 a day at Lima airport.
  11. McToot

    Machu Picchu And Kilts

    Hadn’t thought about kilt tbh, but had thought about taking my pipes for a wee time at the sun gate looking down on MP. Maybe give that a miss if you can’t even wear a kilt. We’re flying into Cusco on 24th, 2 day trail 25th/26th, then back to Lima 27th. About £600 each for flights, hotels, permit, tickets, guide and all other transport etc. It was on the bucket list to do, so perfect opportunity with the game being on. Unfortunately all the 4 day trail permits long since sold out.
  12. McToot

    SSC Renewals

    Other than new members
  13. McToot

    March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Maybe they did say that. Christmas holidays have never been an issue before though. They’re obviously not as desperate for our cash this time. Or perhaps realise they’re flogging a dead horse and waiting for some news to give people a reason to sign up again. Fully expect it all to come at once and cost a fortune 😂💸
  14. McToot

    March 2018 friendly rumour.

    No Manager and no fixtures. And not even an email about renewals for SSC. You’d think given the income the SSC generates we’d have heard something about that. Normally looking for money from the turn of the year. We’ll no doubt get it all at once.
  15. McToot

    March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Took them to Tokyo in October. Probably the same journey time as many Eastern European countries.