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  1. ...'most other clubs' but not the Cellic. except it seems that the actually do, ya hypocrite
  2. 'If Motherwell want to do their business through the media thats up to them'... support a club who do everything through the media...well maybe not 'everything'
  3. I wonder who ran to the mhedia to tell folk 'he's been offered 10k a week, and that's more than oor Virgil was on' ya brass-necked fucktard
  4. Unlike Gauld...this guy has the stature to compliment his ability. I'll be amazed if he doesn't have an excellent career
  5. Read what I said properly...ffs I don't know why I bother
  6. He's the most exciting since McFadden without a doubt...he has it all. If he doesn't break through at Cellic, then he has been advised poorly.
  7. Call up for Davie Turnbull next time around then...
  8. Celtic are seriously loaded...having to pay out a bit of compo will be a pain but won't hamper them in anyway
  9. Paul McStay was one that I always thought should have had the get-up-and-go, to try himself at a different level and see how good he actually was...he was playing out his boyhood dream though. There are umpteen examples of boyhood Celtic fans who have grasped the nettle and tried to make the most of their abilities and then there have been those such as McStay who stagnated at Parkhead. I think we all agree that KT has the potential, I just hope he realises it and utilises the options open to him.
  10. There is no wonder we struggle to attract attendances these days...the fans have taken an absolute kicking for the past 20 years. 20 years of utter failure, after failure added to the whimsical way that our players have pulled out of squads and the ambivalence of the SFA towards it, its no wonder the general support for the team is at a low ebb. A few decent results/performances, alongside a robust team selection and squad management, should see some bridges being built, but I can't blame anyone who has fallen away from attending matches.
  11. This whole 10IAR thing is holding the laddie back.
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