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  1. Nae chance unfortunately...we'll win by a couple of goals and all will be forrgiven
  2. Worst ever by a distance... ...aye, we've had some shitey results in our time. Costa Rica and Iran are two that continue to get chucked up, but these results were at World Cups. We've been utterly boabied last night by a team ranked 100+...3 fucking-nil, and it could've been more. Total and utter disgrace, and anybody that continues to show their support for the total ineptitude of our national team, is part of the problem, and also wants their head fucking read.
  3. We'll support you ever more???? Fuck supporting that pish
  4. I doubt that is the case but if it is then he only has himself to blame for the ban...he has always had the habit of 'leaving the boot in'. On our search for a new keeper, its probably partly our fault that there isn't an outstanding candidate because we've relied on Gordon, McGregor and Marshall for so long now.
  5. If we are stalking Che Adams, we'd be as well stalking Angus Gunn as well...get someone to kidnap his da' and blackmail him into playing for us
  6. Best in Europe...he cannae be, Kieran Tierney is better ffs
  7. Anybody can have any opinion they like...generally though, an opinion should be based on something more than a hunch. The proof is in the pudding, Roberston is a far better player until Tierney proves otherwise.
  8. Rangers are offering a lot more money than Motherwell could even think about offering...the boy could set himself up for life on this one contract. I'm not saying I agree with it, or that I want him to go, but its too easy just to say 'ach thats his career fucked'
  9. You think Tierney is better than Robertson, based on absolutely nothing...thats the point. Tierney comes up against next-to-no opposition on a weekly basis and excels, while Robertson comes up against some of the best players on the planet and excels. There really isnt a comparison. Its like saying call Dobbie or Shankland up because they're doing great in the Scottish Championship, while Steven Fletcher struggles down South....genuinely mind-boggling The comparison begins when Tierney grows a set of balls and says he wants away to test himself at a higher level, against genuinely good fitba players, on a weekly basis...whether that is in England or on the continent. Only then can it be a like-for-like comparison and a conversation worth having.
  10. It matters not a jot, what age they either player is, or how good we think either player could be...you stated that Tierney is 'probably' a better player than Scotlands captain, and a guy that is that much of a mainstay in a team chasing the league title in England, that hes in danger of being burned out. Tierney, as far as I'm concerned will never be able to be talked in the same breath as Robertson until he gets a pair of baws big enough, to cut his maws apron strings and try his hand with a team (and in a league), where he isn't playing against players that are on £300 a week.
  11. Aye, I'd agree with that. The way Tierney defends impeccably against Connor Sammon and the like is fantastic
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