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  1. They're supports at Fir Park are generally poor...I'd rather see the bigger clubs in the league now. Gutted that Ross County are going to join Accies and Livi in utterly stinking the league out again. In an ideal world, Dundee, St Mirren and Dundee United would replace those three.
  2. I've no time for anyone from Motherwell that supports Celtic, and Kieran Tierney seems to be a rabid tim of a boy, so from that point of view I'll never take to the fud. However, he is paid by Celtic and at the end of the day they will tell him when he has to have an operation. He's been plagued by injury all season, and for some reason they have tried to 'manage' it rather than deal with it properly.... ...I really don't think its the boys fault, and given he played with a broken jaw at one point AND traveled to Kazakhstan knowing full well he was injured, tells you that he wants to play for his country.
  3. I understand the discussion with regards to Ireland being the whores that they are...but if someone wants to really play for Scotland, then I'm sure they can hold off until they've at least finished puberty before they decided they've given us enough time. I'd hate to lose him (or anybody else) to they fuckers over there, but at the end of the day a Scotland cap should be based on merit and not because we have a gun being held to our head. One good game against Hearts in a dead rubber, surely isn't justification to be chosen for a Scotland squad?
  4. Its hardly surprising that the 2nd worst team in the top flight, and a team that couldn't finish top of a really, really poor league are both shite and contested a shite match. I hope United come up though.
  5. Is he only 20? I never knew that... ...of course I knew it.
  6. Hastie been left out for his own protection? Get real The boy will never be good enough for Scotland in my opinion anyway
  7. Me...no way should an Englishman be involved. Just my opinion...and, I don't even read the Daily Record
  8. Motherwell fans couldn't get their heads around a striker that didn't score many goal...he's industrious, he can be physical, he makes space for others. I've literally seen him play up front on his own, and make life difficult for a back 4. The treatment he got from Motherwell fans was a poor show in my opinion.
  9. I'm a wee bit underwhelmed by the appointment, but hopefully he can get a bit of momentum around the national side again. Best of luck Stevie
  10. Aberdeen give McInnes £500k per year salary? Fucking hell
  11. Squirrelhumper knows all this...hes just railing against the thought of Clarke chucking Killie to manage Scotland
  12. I think the bookies prices will be shifting again
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