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  1. Spot on. As I said earlier, playing what's classed as our best players doesn't necessarily mean that makes our best team. I think that was shown against Russia.
  2. Agree with this and touched on something similar in another thread the other day. In that post I said that while McTominay, McGregor and McGinn looks great on paper, the reality was way different. Clarke has to find out our system and structure and who can play in it. Maybe these last two games will be an eye opener for Clarke and long term might turn out to be important, even if a bit embarrassing.
  3. This nails it for me. Our midfield is, on paper, our strongest position, and has supposedly been for years, but when was the last time our midfield dominated a match? When was the last time we had a midfielder that could dictate the play? For me that would be Barry Ferguson. We can sit all day and moan about the defence but the problem is that currently the defence basically picks itself due to lack of options and also, if the midfield doesn't do its job, then the defence is in for a long night no matter who we have playing. Steve Clarke is going to have to find out quickly, who his best midfield is, not the best midfielder's, but the ones that work playing together. Last night was arguably our best midfield on paper, but got ran ragged by an average Russian side. Things have to change.
  4. You get offended by being compared to a goldfish?
  5. The only hope we have in Brussels is that after a long hard season for their players they are already on the beach mentally and let their guard down.
  6. One of the guys who do the Hampden Roar podcast quoted the same figure a couple of weeks back. Said he's paid more than any of the playing squad.
  7. I suppose we can dream lol
  8. Look mate, at the end of the day, all I'm saying is, in my opinion, and mine alone, success here in Scotland isn't enough to merit the national post and I don't really see anything in his record against Celtic or in Europe to suggest he would be a success. I could very well be wrong and he could get the job and be a legendary Scotland manager and I'd have been wrong, but as of now I don't see it. I'm happy to be proved wrong however.
  9. Who cares what it's called, its still poor.
  10. Yeah but way back then the Scottish league was of a good level, maybe even one of the best.
  11. I think you've just answered your own question.
  12. Where did I say it had to somebody special, you're just making shit up. I just want them to be a higher level than the spl.
  13. You say "Scottish top division" like it means something. He did what he was expected to do in a piss poor league. I don't think that qualifies you for the national job, so no I don't think he warrants consideration.
  14. Possibly, but they didn't. I take your point, but I just don't think he's shown any where near enough to be considered. I'm happy to be proven wrong however. 👍
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