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  1. Live in Sydney and would have definitely would have brought the family back for 1st Independence day. Would like to move back to Independent Scotland one day when the kids have flown the nest. Rossy is right. Living away from UK opens your eye's up to the new coverage. Guys in my office couldn't beleive we'd voted no. It didn't compute to them. Not utopia here, but a confidant nation that long ago said goodbye to Westminster
  2. i recognise 2/3 in your pic Kumnio, cut to the quick... No words
  3. I'm a massive lurker/non-poster here. Please don't apologise Flure. Its been an education watching your posts. Thanks for all the hard work in convincing more than me that YES was the way to go
  4. Probably decided for a while, but awesome timing. Knows full well the implications to the backlash that may come, but still did it, 'Mon Andy!
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