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  1. Agree mate. You wonder why managers canny see it. We are all experts right enough. Who would you like to see?
  2. Murty for me. That man has been put in a position RB that he has has tried his heart out. An impossible position but his heart has been in it. and his head. Should be given a job for life at Rangers IMO. Not manager though. Could be a success after what he has been through though at another team?
  3. Banter ma pal. Scotland Forever. You have managed to chase more folk off here than the whacky raceys'. But your patter is no bad when you obviously have a drink inside ye.
  4. Or an Aberdeen fan who cares so much about Rangers? (trolling you again!). You deserve it for nearly closing down the board single handedly!
  5. Rolling hIlls

    Huns new gaffer

    U got me guv. Needed a cheer up monday 😀
  6. Rolling hIlls

    Huns new gaffer

    One word. Ian Durrant.
  7. Rolling hIlls

    Huns new gaffer

    And u like the other half then i presume as u dont talk about their bigotry. Or is it only one bigoted side you hate?? Whoch would explain a lot.
  8. Rolling hIlls

    Huns new gaffer

    Why do you hate Rangers so much?
  9. Rolling hIlls

    Huns new gaffer

    I go to football to support my team. Not to throw hatred and abuse at the other team. But hey, each to their own.
  10. Rolling hIlls

    Huns new gaffer

    But there is a line. At end of day we all love our teams but hatred shouldn't hold a place in your heart. It's healthy to have rivarly. I don't hate England. Or Aberdeen.
  11. Rolling hIlls

    Huns new gaffer

    Banter was one of the reasons I loved going to Scotland games many years ago. Maybe I am being idealistic. But never in all my travels have I seen or heard Scotland fans with the nonsense that goes on here. You wouldn't get away with it. But anybody can post what they want nowadays without fear nor favour. Good things about internet forums but also bad things. Sorry to pick on you but your affair with Rangers shines through IMO out of anyone. Maybe why Scotland fans on this site and I have known many have left in their droves. So much so it almost closed but the new guys here have to be commended. They must have some patience.
  12. Rolling hIlls

    Huns new gaffer

    In my opinion the TAMB needs to go back to what it says on the can. Too many people use it as a way of spouting hatred about other clubs and fans. Is this a Scotland thing or a medium to let small minded people the likes of yon parklife fella just spout his hatred of rangers? When you get rid of the likes of that hatred stuff and tell them to f off and go to their own club websites this could be a place for Scotland supporters again. I only watch it now and again and so sad to see the hatred that arises from the same folk on here. If they were at a Scotland trip they would not have the guts to spout out. But as WGS says 'keyboard warriors with two cans of kestrel and a whippet'. Scotland fans my erse.