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  1. Scott McTominay's reported to be out for another couple of weeks.
  2. Since, apparently, the draw has taken place, I'll reopen the poll and give people who haven't voted, a chance to vote. I'm nice that way. (I don't know who we have in the semi-final and I don't want to know)
  3. Reading this thread makes me think, with all the insults and derogatory comments that get thrown around, how many people in this place would be as brave, face-to-face, as they are online. Not many, is my estimation. Pretty much why I've never insulted anyone in this place, I'm saving it for if we ever meet. (Hopefully never) On topic: If Scotland do the impossible and qualify, I'm betting Brown, Snodgrass and Steven Fletcher will come out international retirement.
  4. Yes. A troll who urges people to put them on ignore. Logic.
  5. 100% correct. I was giving my honest, genuine opinion. It's not Trolling just because not many people agree with it. I've been labelled a Troll and an attention seeker, multiple times on this thread, even though, I'm openly encouraging people to put me on ignore: https://www.tamb.net/forum/index.php?/topic/14633-euro-2020-playoffs-the-real-poll/&do=findComment&comment=551939 I've been accused of being multiple people, from Rscot, mrbiarnoc, RabC, Vanderank, ElChris, etc. There are even people (and a Mod will be able to see that they're the same people) actually follow me around, rating my posts with laughing smilies. It's cyber stalking. I've never once IM'd a Mod about any of the aformentioned, because I don't want to bother them, also, because I can deal with it. Others can't. Last week a guy (Rscot) was falsey accused of having duplicate accounts here, and he threatened someone with violence. In my opinion, on the whole, the Mods are doing a very good job.
  6. And another thing, the longer you stay here, the greater the odds (excuse the pun) of you being accused of being one of my so-called aliases. And the "I reported you" will appear to be a smokescreen... Enjoy that. Last time it happened, a few days ago, and the accused threatened the accuser with a good "face being ripped off". And that's me gone. See you all in September (or when the World Cup qualifers begin)
  7. Since did an "opinion" equate to "Trolling"? If people genuinely think Scotland have a chance of qualifying for Euro 2020. Well, fair enough. I'm not calling those people Trolls just because i disagree with them.
  8. Anyway. I'm guessing it's September 2020? I might actually give this place a bye, till then. I mean, there's no point talking about Scotland for 11 months when we haven't got any important matches till then.
  9. Off-topic. Any idea when the World Cup draw is? I think I read somewhere that it's September, but I'm not sure.
  10. Yeah. The jags do it to me, too, I'm afraid. Always been susceptible to migraines, so doesn't take much. lol. Oh. Thought you meant the spin-off. No. Yay! A bit of a mixed metaphor, but I'll allow it. Can you believe this guy? He's been here for five minutes, pulls a guy up for grammar, twice, bores me to tears because he wants the scientific reasons behind a throw-away line about odds.. And HE reports ME. Bloody hell.
  11. Mate, you corrected a guy on his grammar, twice. And you're a newbie. That isn't how you should act. And you told on me? Thanks for the declaration.
  12. Ah. Then I suggest sleeping it off (I'M NOT CALLING YOU A DRUNK). Last few times they give me the gas (assuming that you got gas) i got severe migraines... Vomit inducing migraines. Ahhh! So you've seen "Frasier"?! Good stuff. And here was thinking you spend the 80s/90s in a cave. Ummm... Was the topic sitcoms? "it's always sunny in Philadelphia" is great. Just avoid seasons 13 and 14.
  13. It's a popular reference. Was also in "The Simpsons" when they parodied "Cheers". No. That's "Happy Days".
  14. Guess not. Wow. I thought everyone watched Cheers. So, here are the tracks: I quote a HEAVY 80s popular-culture reference. You don't get the refence. So, instead of asking me what I meant, you jump to the conclusion that I insulted you by insinuating that you're an alcoholic. Yeah. I can't banter with people that thin skinned. I'll end up eviscerating you.
  15. In my experience, one can only be wound us as much as one wants to be wound up. Be a nice chap, see that "ignore" button? Tap it.
  16. Have you ever watched Cheers? Norm usually walks into the bar, they ask him if he wants a beer, he then makes a funny quip I'm guessing that reference went over your head. I'm not calling you a drunk. Are you a snowflake?
  17. Beer. Oh man. You've never seen "Cheers"?!? What did you think the " Norm!" Was referencing?
  18. It's not even about that, though, is it? I do understand odds. If you're sitting around with your mates, playing poker, you don't apply odds to the mix. Not that he's my mate or anything. PS: People can say what they like about me, at least i keep the conversation kickin!
  19. Syphilis! (Think "Norm!", but in a more sexually-transmitted-disease kind of a way)
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