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  1. No. That's like saying the tail wags the dog. If the players (teams) refused to play the market then the asking prices would drop. Eventually they'll be a cap on transfer fees. There has to be. As for your beer analogy, you could easily pop into a supermarket and grab a six pack for a fiver.
  2. Hey, i agree, it is what it is... And "it" is undiluted insanity. Growing up £4m was considered a massive transfer fee, now £4m is pretty much an agent's fee. An example is Duncan Ferguson leaving Dundee United for Rangers for £4m. Oliver McBurnie isn't a patch on Ferguson. I know that times have changed and so have transfer fees, but i wish things were the way they were. But yeah, i get it. Capitalism is supply and demand and a commodity is worth what someone is willing to buy it for. That being said, Swansea are well within their right to demand what they see as an acceptable fee, same with Celtic with Tierney. Either McBurnie goes for £4m or £20m or £100m. He's an average player. I disagree with the last part of your post. Take away the top 6 in the EPL and the rest are Championship level teams.
  3. With all due respect to the Championship, it's about the same standard as the SPL. If someone scored 24 in the SPL next season no one in English football would notice. I watched about a dozen or so Swansea matches last season, he never once impressed me. The only Swansea player who did impress me was Daniel James, but even i couldn't image Man United would buy him for £15m. If McBurnie moved to Sheffield United I'd be surprised if he scored 5 in the EPL.
  4. If McBurnie's worth £20m then each of your legs must be worth £1m. The inflated market in English football is insane. If McBrnie goes for £20m then money has lost all meaning.
  5. Oh, you spoilsport! I was hoping that someone else would jump on that. Ruin my fun why don't you!
  6. Swansea want £20m. We're Scottish, so we aren't really in the modern football bubble as far as transfer money goes. In my opinion he's worth £2m. But the modern football world multiplies it by 20. If McBurnie is worth £20m then god only knows how much Dalglish, Law, etc, were worth. Besides, Hornby looks a better prospect than McBurnie. I think both the club and the player are happy to run down his contract. Which is bad for Aberdeen as they were due a percentage of the sell-on fee.
  7. Ah! So you think more Scotland players can play in multiple positions? I get it. Not sure I agree, though. Most of our players struggle in one position, never mind being versatile enough to slot into another one. Take McGinn and Burke as prime examples, I'm not even sure what their position is! McGinn has this habit of taking the ball in, dropping his shoulder and trying to dribble past his man... Even when he's in his own box. An as anchorman he'd be a ticking time bomb. The anchorman position is pretty much one of the most important positions in a team. We haven't had a really top one since Paul Lambert.
  8. He'll only get a move if he either digs in and downs tools or lets his contract run up. I don't think he'd do the first. Celtic won't accept a penny less than £25m and I can't see a team shell out £25m for a Scottish based Scot.
  9. Even the Daily Record are mocking Arsenal with their "Arsenal yet to come to terms with Celtic over £25m fee" headline. Tierney will be a Celtic player for the entirety of this season unless Arsenal stop screwing around.
  10. And now Arsenal are linked to Everton Soares. I think it's fair to say that Arsenal are releasing these bits of speculation. I believe that they've bid £15m for Tierney, but this latest "bid" is probably fiction.
  11. I think it's paper talk. They've also been linked to bid of £70m for Nicolas Pepe, only for his agent to dismiss it as lies. Arsenal seem to be releasing fake news in order to appease their fans. The timing of this new Tierney bid is bizarre, as he'll be out injured till next month or so.
  12. Maybe. To be honest I'm not sure. What I am sure is that Arsenal are in a mini crisis at the moment. Koscielny wants out and the fans want Mustafi out. I've read the story and it says Arsenal will offer one payment and the add-ons will lead up to £25m. I doubt Celtic will accept that. Hopefully Napoli or Man United make an acceptable bid.
  13. Aww, thank you! You know what they say "If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail". I'm sure he liked you, if he noticed you. Which I don't think he did... Notice you, I mean.
  14. I'm bemused that Manchester United haven't shown an interest. He's twice the player Luke Shaw is. Arsenal play three at the back, so he'll probably have to get used to playing wing-back.
  15. So, you're a liar. I've read all Chripper's posts and not once did he suggest that "ever player" can slot seamlessly into different positions. Far as I can tell he only mentions Robertson and Tierney in the anchorman position. We don't have any defensive midfielders so it's not exactly "men in white coats" thinking.
  16. Another very good 45 minutes under his belt.
  17. Four minutes of bossing the midfield against Barcelona: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=89&v=hyDUrMmXJDc My favourite part is 1:10 where he out-muscles and navigates past three Barca players. Top drawer.
  18. I think it's a generational Scottish thing. Nowadays If you suggest a player plays a different position it's like you're saying they play a different sport.
  19. United currently playing Perth Glory. They're going to start two different teams in each half. McTominay will get the second half. Talking of players who have played well in multiple positions, here's four pages worth: http://www.redcafe.net/threads/players-who-were-decent-in-two-positions-or-more.448915/page-4 Plus McTominay can pretty play anywhere through the middle.
  20. The EPL still do it. Not saying that it's the reason why England have been so successful at youth level recently, but it might be a factor. If nothing else, it forces clubs to bring their own.
  21. It's one thing saying that, it's quite another managers putting them in their first team. The sooner the SFA introduce a quota on homegrown players in matchday squads, the better. Plus a three foreigner rule would be lovely.
  22. I get it and I agree. We've seen so many false dawns and pinned our hopes to so many players, by law of averages we ought to see at least one of these kids fulfil their promise... Hopefully.
  23. Honestly, I'd just be thrilled if he lived up to his billing. We haven't had a player who could create magic out of nothing since McFadden. There's definitely a little bit of McFadden about Johnston, with his direct running style. Johnston is faster, though. It could a big season for him.
  24. Maybe you should contact the Herald and point out their mistakes.
  25. You're right. 5 caps at Under 19 level for Northern Ireland.
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