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  1. Phew! Thank you very much. Yeah. Here's hoping. Sometimes dedication and effort can bridge gaps.
  2. Even if it was to train with the seniors. It would been good experience and it would show them the level they have to get to... But enough about the senior players...
  3. Agreed. I would add Robertson, though. To be fair to him, he did turn up to wish the players luck against Cyprus.
  4. I would've taken this opportunity to call up George Johnston, Gilmour, Middleton, Hornby, McPake, Kennedy, King and Morrison. Steve Clarke has to think about building for the future, now. He can do that by assimilation some of our best kids with the seniors. Even if it's just traiing, it would be a good experience.
  5. Honestly? I kept the poll public because i wanted to be able to give the list to the men in white coats...
  6. A day or so ago I was lambasted/mocked for not watching the SPL. Some people truly do think that the SPL is the zenith of football. They watch McGregor, Christie, Forrest, etc, tear SPL teams to shreds and it clouds their judgment.
  7. I'm not surprised, to be honest. I knew a fair chunk of people would vote that we'd qualify... Didn't know that it was would so much, though. 86.48% think we'll be in the final. Cripes...
  8. I've give John McGinn a fair share of criticism in the past, but I'm so glad he came out and declared his passion for turning out for Scotland. My estimations of him have definitely risen. Sound like a great lad who "gets it".
  9. No idea. Maybe they're too busy being wow'd by players like Christie, McGregor, etc, on Sportscene and they've lost all perspective. Also, nice research.
  10. 45.16% think we will. The voters have been made public. So, if you want to know who voted for which option, click on it. I'll bump this thread in May (or is it March?) and have a wee chuckle at the people who thought we'd qualify.
  11. https://www.thenational.scot/sport/18041870.chris-bungard-ready-put-show-kieran-tierney-ring-walk-starting-night-off/ It's nice that Tierney has some free time to attend such a worthwhile event... Wonder if he watched the match yesterday. Doubt it.
  12. (Third attempt at this. Hopefully it's done right this time ) I haven't done much research on the playoffs, as it doesn't interest me in the slightest. It's a distraction. Instead of building for the next World Cup qualifiers, we're stopping it to focus on the playoffs for Euro 2020. In the semi-final we'll either get Bulgaria, Israel and Romania. The final will be Noway or Serbia. Currently we have no keeper, no right back, no center backs, no anchorman, no striker, etc, and yet people seem to think that we'll qualify.
  13. There's no doubt he has to improve his overall game. Just shows how crazy English football has become, saying that a £20m player has to improve his general game. Did I say McGregor? I meant McGinn. I get why we're playing a 4-2-3-1, because the defense needs protection, but against the better teams it'll turn into a 6-3-1. As it did against Russia and Belgium... And it still didn't stop us shipping goals.
  14. Sheffield United play with a front two, I think that's how you'd get the best out of him. I don't think he has the skill-set to play as a lone striker. And let's face it, playing the lone-striker role for Scotland is a lonely role... Naismith literally had to plead and motion for Christie, Forrest and McGregor to help him to press the Cyprus defence. He shouldn't have to do that. Those three should know when to press, they shouldn't need Naismith to tell them. If you watch the game again (i haven't), you'll notice that we were constantly defending with a bank of four and a bank of five. It's Cyprus and yet we pretty much have a defensive block of nine! But yes, McBurnie would be fine playing upfront with a strike partner.
  15. Really nice article: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/john-mcginn-explains-scotland-love-20897777
  16. I know. I'm not condoning him in the slightest, but that's the thing about the net, you don't know who you're talking to. Me, i would like to think that I've taken the accusations with grace. Good to hear. But yeah, it did get a wee bit personal. Hopefully it's ancient history, though. At the end of the day, we're all Scotland fans.
  17. Not yet. There's time, though. I mean, who heard of Jamie Vardy before he burst onto the scene? All we can do is hope.
  18. Drew a lot of fouls and argued a lot. Pretty much it. McBurnie doesn't look at all like international class, though.
  19. Scott McTominay is NOT an anchorman. Look at his stats in the EPL. He's one of the most fouled players (when he surges ahead with the ball) and he's completed the most dribbles. He's been likened to a young Roy Keane. I like that one.
  20. Look. People CANNOT keep accusing people of being this person, that person and the other. I've had it on multiple occasions. I deal with it with condescension. It was only a matter of time till someone was going to blow a fuse. And as for you, personally, I have nothing against you. In the climate of sharing, i wish you'd be cooler with me. But either way, I'm fine.
  21. All true. Onwards and upwards, I suppose. Despite everything, hopefully this win breeds confidence within the camp. Hopefully.
  22. It's amazing, Vanderank and Farcity have accused about 10 people of being chripper and me of being five people. They've now accused Rscot of being chripper and for some weird reason I'M the wind up merchant. You couldn't make it up. It's also funny how quickly vanderank peed his pants when violence was thrown into the mix.
  23. Now that's one person i haven't been accused of... Yet!!
  24. On a different day Cyprus would've won 3:2. I just thought it was an odd match. The referee stepped out from the pages of a cartoon with all the duff calls. A win's a win and all that, but... As i said, it was an odd match.
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