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  1. Hi davy can you tell me the payment details tried to pm you but don't know how to on this new site cheers
  2. Hi Davy finally managed to get booked any chance of 4 seat on a bus cheers
  3. Would be interested in 4 seats bothways if avaliable.
  4. Hi regarding bus if it goes ahead I am looking for 7 seats please . 

    1. lyonhibs


      You're in, assuming will fill it with others which I'm sure we will

    2. lager


      Cheers I will keep watching your post for updates regarding payment if it goes ahead 

      thanks Stuart 

  5. Is there any spaces left on bus ? Was looking for 4
  6. Is the bus full was looking for 4 if available
  7. If it's any help glasgow to Dublin then Dublin to Tbilis via Istanbul good flight times there and back £400 Same way home good conection times
  8. lager


    Thoughts to the family young life wasted
  9. hi i could take the 6 of them if you still have them i am away tomorrow i will try and check out reply tomorrow

  10. is their still spaces on the bus to milan

  11. is their still spaces on the bus to milan

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