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  1. Thanks for that , Looks like we will only need two but will let you know for sure in the next 24hours . Thanks for letting me know.

    1. king1pin1


      Looks like he is having problems sorting flights from Canada so sorry to say we wont need the Tickets . Thank you very much for the offer and we will of course ask you first if he ends up getting a flight .

  2. thanks for that , Can you keep me posted then if you get the extra tickets.  it looks like it just 2 needed now.

    1. Johnnyshaker


      I've got tickets for the Scotland end so those 3 are for sale if you want them. In block RE, next to our end.

  3. Anyone have three home end tickets spare for the game ? have two away points for each of us but not hopeful and want to get booked. pm me please
  4. I need one ticket please for the Scotland end if Poss but would consider england end as well pm if you can help
  5. if u want it give me a number which I can call you on , am offshore at present  and working night shift so if u give me a number I can call you Monday evening about ticket ,

  6. hi are u interested in taking the ticket ? please let me know if not I can offer it to someone else ?

  7. hello

    I have a spare ticket for Scotland end , my mate was going but will be stuck in Thailand now , looking for face value for the ticket which is £55 if ur interested get back to me

  8. If anyone has a spare Scotland end ticket can they pm me please.
  9. Looking for two tickets if anyone can help .
  10. Handed back the ticket to the SFA so sorry its no longer avalable .
  11. I will have one spare ticket if anyone is interested , Send me a message if interested .
  12. On three points but never noticed the email. If anyone knows of Tickets for sale it would be very welcome news because hotel already booked.
  13. Just wondered if you got my payment in the name of brian king
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