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  1. Tartantruck

    Home end tickets update

    They are etickets. You should have a confirmation email with an attachment. Print them yourself!!
  2. Tartantruck

    Home end tickets update

    Got tickets for Block D4. Quite easy, but you have to fill in a name for each ticket.
  3. Tartantruck

    Wizz air flight Thursday 15th

    Aye!! Everything moved back by 24 hours. Now going out on the Wed morning instead o Thu! Bit of a pain having to adjust other flights and re-book accommodation but got there eventually!!
  4. Stats would disagree!!! Arkins P48 G11 Vine P35 G7 Very similar I think Vine was CAPABLE of being better, which makes him even worse!! At least Arkins put in a bit of effort!!! Both shyte essentially!!
  5. Tartantruck

    Robot Uprising

    One of the funniest things I've seen 😂😂😂
  6. She was huge! .....and I had to give you a tenner before u left with her as " I will probably get horsed oot in the morning and have to get a bus hame" !!
  7. Thanks for that , Looks like we will only need two but will let you know for sure in the next 24hours . Thanks for letting me know.

    1. king1pin1


      Looks like he is having problems sorting flights from Canada so sorry to say we wont need the Tickets . Thank you very much for the offer and we will of course ask you first if he ends up getting a flight .

  8. Tartantruck

    Alexander Elliot Salmond

    They're obviously not used to dealing with a politician who disnae claim millions for a duck hoose or poofy wallpaper!
  9. Tartantruck

    A Wee Plea Fae Me

    A rather inflated Perth exile, now living in the Chicago area, made a very large contribution to the gas build up in the stadium