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  1. Fair enough, but I still don't like Palace.
  2. Really meant historically regarding the players but fair point and they have won a cup. Basically I'm a bitter 50 something who wants Forest and Leeds in the top flight.
  3. Palace are my least favourite team. Total nothing of a club who have never won anything and never will. All they do is get in the way of other teams with "stature and a fanbase". File alongside Southampton, Watford, Brighton and Burnley as uninspiring and just plain annoying. Struggle to name a decent Scottish player between the lot of them.
  4. Or bought depending on your viewpoint.
  5. At fault for the Wolves goal by the sound of it. Not sure what the script is with first choice keeper unless he was injured played one and game and got injured again. Wikipedia needs updated I think
  6. Gary Mackay Steven couldn't get a contract with Liverpool, there's a pretty obvious reason for that. He didn't show the ability to play for Liverpool so they let him go. He then found his level a couple of Scotland caps and a bit part player for Celtic but never good enough for a top team. Anthony Ralston is probably an example of your suggested path. Show's promise as a young player plays a couple of games he is not ready for then go's out on loan to teams with very limited training facilities and uninspiring coaches. Pretty sure he would have done better going to a decent academy and playing against players of nearer his own age, strength, ability, experience level etc Might even have become a better right back than Phil Bardsley but then Bardsley did have the advantage of joining Man Utd as an eight year old. Coaches there on merit not just availability and facilities designed to hold more than a few traffic cones and a medicine ball It's a lot easier to name failures at the top clubs than players who might have done better.
  7. Honestly don't think you learn very much playing in a team with mediocre team mates against equally poor opposition. He's just turned 18 and if he is good enough he will make it quicker and to a higher standard joining a decent clubs academy than he ever will if he wastes two more years of his development here. It is just a matter of opinion though but I really can't see much benefit of playing against men until you are good enough. Get a loan move back to the SPL in two years time maybe but that's about the only reason to play here. I am giving some credit to the Celtic academy but that's about it in Scotland
  8. So he's better of were he is? There's probably three Sottish players at Parkhead that some EPL teams would look at with the intention of playing. I'm pretty sure it is more exciting having players linked to big clubs than not.
  9. Agreed. Or defensive midfield in front of a back four? He's left sided McTominay is right sided. it's a dream team.
  10. Was thinking it might be the only thing they have won since Tierney turned pro, had a look and they have won the FA cup 4 times in the last 7 years. Shows how much attention I pay to English cups these days.
  11. To quote the Arsenal forum "his first ever real trophy"
  12. Do we have a right footed central defender apart from Mctominay!
  13. Only problem is Robertson Isn't a wing back. Think I must be in a minority in thinking wing backs and fullbacks are totally different positions. I know Tierney hasn't played central midfield but he has all the credentials to fill the role I suggested.
  14. OK he's a left back but I think we have one of those. Suggested positions Right back, defender in a back 3 or 4 or left midfield. Personally I thought central defender in a back four was the best option up until now. How about we set up like Man Utd with a 4-2-3-1 formation with Tierney and McTominay as the 2. It solves a few problems. Gives the defence the maximum amount of cover we can, allows the attacking midfield 3 to get forward and gets rid of the traditional style detached lone striker. ( are we the only country in the world that plays 4-5-1) Fraser Mcginn and Christie as the 3 has them all playing on the sides of the park they are best Mcburnie is probably our best striker but needs other players around him. I think it's time to admit 4-5-1 is not the answer.
  15. credited with an assist on who scored, for Aubemyang I assume as he has scored the other two goals
  16. Funny thing is he was part of the team that beat Albania and Israel, our best performances in ages. He did have Calum Patterson beside him at right back.......just saying
  17. Brilliant twice with Paterson as the right back, just saying
  18. Just watched some you tube clips, I'd start him tomorrow
  19. Pity he can't, he's benched tonight.
  20. Never heard of him probably best to wait and see how he does in the Champions League next seasonšŸ¤ž Certain ratings site had him as a well above average keeper in Ligue 1 last season for his 13 games. Been substituted late on in his last two games (3 goals up in each) and Olympiacos have let a goal in after in both. Back to Who scored and he has that lovely "Player has no significant weaknesses" comment which is rare in a keeper. Good to have a Greek team to support Brilliant on the bench tonight
  21. Spot the Celtic fan! Robertson has to play and Tierney as near as damn it has to play central defence. Question is should it be in a back four or a back three. A question you are in a better position than most to answer. One positive mind you if Robertson didn't play some one else would be captain.
  22. Can't believe the comments on the Arsenal notice board about Tierney, future captain and the steal of the decade at Ā£25 million amongst others. Question though if you are very good as a defender in a back three does that mean you are automatically very good in a back four. Robertson is on record saying he doesn't like playing as wing back and as far as I can see McBurnie is the only likely starter who plays in a 3-5-2 formation. Hopefully stays in central defence and gives us one less problem.
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