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  1. *Edited, as grammar means the world to people here. 😛
  2. Nice. He's one of my youngsters to keep an eye on. He's been compared to Frank Lampard.
  3. That would be a no? Well, it's an open invitation. No PM? That tells me that you require an audience, meaning you have an innate need for attention, even if it's from negative circumstances. You require approval from people, the more people, the more validation you receive and it replenishes your serotonin and oxytocin levels.
  4. McTominay hasn't had one good performance after lockdown. He was playing really in February and March. The Scotland matches were about six months after lockdown.
  5. Yeah. The 2 is usually a double-pivot (two anchormen) like in the 4-2-3-1. But if you do it wrong (See Scotland and Manchester United), and try to force midfielders into the double-pivot, it's a recipe for disaster.
  6. Less intelligent people would call you a "troll", or a variant, but i'd rather go deeper than that, as it's more nuanced: I obviously got your back up a while back when we, apparently, had a conversation. But I honestly don't remember. 90% of the people here bleed into one, for me. This has triggered a reactionary defensive response from you. This manifests itself in a passive aggressive manner, and sometimes, not so passive, to downright abusive. You obviously can't debate like a rational person, or add anything of substance to a conversation, so you try to make up for your la
  7. No idea who Ron Burgendy is. I was thinking Pirlo, Petit, Roy Keane (in his later days), Lambert, Dunga, Deschamps, etc.
  8. Brighton hit the woodwork five times. lol
  9. Brighton hitting the woodwork three times in thirty minutes. Dropping McTominay was obviously a stroke of genius. Manchester United are turning into Scotland with every match: defenders who can't defend, midfielders that can't defend or pass, wingers that can't dribble and strikers who get no service.
  10. Yeah. First saw this video a while ago I've seen him a few times for u17s. Thank God Bayern Munch snapped him up and he has the chance of a proper football education. Let's hope Kai Kennedy does likewise.
  11. That would get my vote.
  12. I'm obsessed by the fact that we don't have players with a defensive bone in their body. A striker isn't a priority. Our midfielders don't create chances, hell, they hardly make forward passes. Our wingers don't beat people. Even if we had Haaland, he wouldn't be be of any use. All he would be doing is making runs into the channels trying to catch long, hopeful balls. We'd make him look like a taller Kenny Miller.
  13. Scott McTominay on the Manchester United bench. I'm astonished by that. After one of the worst United performances I've ever seen from two players (Lindelov and Pogba), they keep their places and they take out the only player who gave a damb. Unbelievable.
  14. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53999267 Hopefully Bologna mould the kid into a world-class anchorman. God knows we need a midfielder who has natural defensive intelligence. It's uncomfortable watching McGregor do his 5 yard pass backwards routine for 90 minutes. And the less said about McLean and Jack, the better. Turning down Bayern Munich is a bold move. I hope he doesn't live to regret it. I'm confident that either Patterson or Ashby will develop into good right back
  15. Tartan Army Message Board Or Grammar Nazi Message Board Seriously. I've never been on a posting board where typos were more ridiculed, in all my life. Is it because people can't pick holes in my opinions? Or because, no matter the time spent trying to usurp me, people fall flat on their faces, time, after time, after time. So much so that they've given up. Well, the majority have given up. The minority get all highlighter pen with the typoliciousness. It's nice to be me.
  16. I suppose. My opinion of it (and the whole concept of the Nations league) won't change, though. At least, not for a few years. Till a few good players come along, I'll always view it as glorified friendly tournament. I know that this isn't a popular opinion, but, losing to Israel in the playoffs might be a good thing. I have a feeling at the pit on my stomach, if we face Norway, and Haaland has a good day, we could end up losing by half a dozen... Or more. That'll probably be the end of Clarke as the Scotland boss and it'll be back to square one.
  17. It was a good debut, barring a mistake in either half. Twice he let the man he was marking drift off him. The first time it happened, Huddersfield scored, the second time the Forest keeper made two Peter Schmeichelesque saves. On the ball he was good. In the air he won everything and he never lost a duel on the ground. If he can cut out the lapses of concentration, he'll be a mainstay in the EPL. I was impresses, especially since he only joined Forest a few days ago.
  18. Nah. He deserved the praise. And as I say that, he allows a Huddersfield player to drift off him to score the opener. I wouldn't blame McKenna, though. If it was zonal marker then it would be a midfielder to blame.
  19. It's been a very good first half by McKenna. His distribution must be surprising the Forest fans, as they were expecting him to be a long ball merchant. He even carried the ball into midfield a few times and started a couple of moves. He's been dominant in the air. I think he'll be a favorite with the fans. He won't have any problem adjusting to this level. I would be surprised if he isn't in the EPL in a couple of years.
  20. I know. My pissy comment wasn't directed at you, mate. I appreciate being corrected. I definitely applaud your optimism. Wish I could share it. Yeah. And the Old Firm are playing on the Sunday before the playoff match, so it's going to even more of a fixture congestion.
  21. You chose 9-12?! I do applaud your optimism. 👊
  22. Yeah. Because it's common knowledge that our next match is the playoffs. Someone should tell SofaScore, as they don't even know. Again. No idea ever talking to you. You were abusive to me on our previous engagement. And yet I'm the troll? Ok then. Makes sense.
  23. Cool. Thanks. A wee thing called Covid-19 was the reason the match was rearranged. Some people think that if you don't know when a match is, you're stirring the pot. Weird people.
  24. Wow... Ok. I'll leave the Aberdeen and the Queen of the South fans to take that on board. Yes. Obviously And that's why our "EPL superstars" perpetually look lost against teams of the magnitude of Israel, Russia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, etc.
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