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  1. Kieran Tierney, Andy Robertson and Scott McTominay served Euro 2020 threat by furious UEFA Does anyone else think we are cursed? We qualify for our first tournament in 22 years. What happens? A pandemic. Now this. What next? A mankind ending asteroid?
  2. Comical Ali? Comically Ally will be our version.
  3. Oh really? In that case, I hope both are included in the Euro squad. My only concern is that Patterson won't play many league matches next season. I sence another Gilmour situation. Hopefully Celtic appoint a top manager, in that case. Someone who can improve Turnbull. Saying that, they'll probably bring in Jim Leishman..
  4. Yeah. Exactly. Growing up, City bounced between the Second Division and EPL. Chelsea had Ken Bates and were at the genesis of bringing in the likes of Zola, Gullit, etc. Personally, I don't look at either of those two as big clubs. Certainly not as big as Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester United. Yep. Sure does.
  5. Was Patterson that good? I didn't watch it. I was watching the Manchester United match. Talking of, it's crazy how opinions can differ, isn't it? Some United fans were calling it his worst performance in a United shirt... I thought that it was one of his best. lol
  6. This, or something like this, was inevitable. Once the owners of English clubs began selling their clubs to Oil tycoons and Middle Eastern Princes and Shieks and Roya lFamilies, was the moment that English football sold its soul. And as much as we are the rivals of English and all things English, we must admit that English football has always been the hub of football. The fans of Emglish clubs were like pigs in muck when foreign owners bought their clubs. Owners who spent billions on squads and billions on super stadia. They sat on a perch, looking down on everyone, while eating the
  7. If we're going to call up a player instead of Liam Palmer, it should be Josh Doig. He's a regular with Hibs, and unless a team buys him in the summer, he'll be a regular next season. Can he play right back? Yep. He's two footed... for people who have a foot fetish.
  8. I don't know. You could have a point. International definitely is not seen as the Holy Grail for players anymore. Playing in the EPL and the European Cup is. This could turn into a mess very quickly.
  9. How about no? It's a public message board. Don't like opinions? Go away. Wonder how many people will be going back to this thread when Adams is a Championship player.
  10. https://www.saintsweb.co.uk/topic/58677-che-adams-could-saints-do-better/page/2/#comments Interesting read. The consusus with Southampton fans is that he's a hard worker, etc, but he lacks composure in front of goal and is a "bull in a China shop", to quote one fan. I definitely agree with that. Dykes vs Maguire is a better match up for Scotland than Adams vs Stones.
  11. Could you please shift the conversation to Che Adams. Thanks.
  12. It does look likely that Adams will start at Euro 2020 (if the ESL doesnt get players banned). For better or worse. So hopefully he starts against Spurs on Wednesday. We need him to get game time.
  13. Anyway. Enough derailing and harassing. Che Adams is the topic.
  14. Do you ever not flip flop?
  15. You're a hypocrite. You were in a thread were Tiny Tim said that he's been here for about 10 years. And yet his account is one year old. Proud Scot makes a claim that Adams will be out starter at the Euros. You give him a civil reply. I say the same, you insult me. You're a stalker. We wouldn't even engage if you didn't follow me around.
  16. Provide proof. Oh wait. Providing proof isn't really your strong point. Easier to lie and make up stuff.
  17. And what exactly aren't I letting go?
  18. Trick is, I control the narrative. I don't come up with strange comments and then change the subject when proven wrong. He said that I'm wrong about Kane not being proficient in the air. lol
  19. So, you're saying that I backtracked but now you're avoiding the subject? Why even say it in the first place? This me and my shadow routine is weird.
  20. And seriously, when are you going to let any of this stuff go? You've repeated the same old garbage for years now. Let it go, mate. Just let it go.
  21. You seriously need to let go of the past. lol. I antagonize people? "If your insulted by that, I suggest you get you seek help immediately because your going to struggle in the real world" That's a long winded reply.. but it doesn't actually answer my question. You said that I "backtracked". Backtracked about what, exactly?
  22. Really? Want me to trail your history? On a daily basis you follow me around and try to insult and belittle me. You even got suspended for it. Yes. You're "deflecting". Where exactly am I backtracking? He said that I was backtracking about Karry Kane being bad in the air. He's scored more with his weaker foot, than in the air.
  23. Only seeing what you want to see, shocker. The following is more than one insult. Dear god. I almost heard the steam shooting from his ears: You claim to watch alot of football but you are clueless. Harry Kane has scored 26 headers in the EPL alone. You dont even know what foot players kick with. And if we are being padantic. Do you mean on the ground? Not in the ground? Unless you mean he is better dead? Just accept you made a poor comment, based on a dislike of a player, backed it up with stats that backfired, then claimed stats dont matter whilst making another poor
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