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  1. Billy Gilmour starts against Luton. It's live on BBC 1 at 12pm.
  2. Jeremiah Chiloka-Mullen (16) Leeds United CB Lewis Neilson (17) Dundee United CB/MF Ibane Bowat (18) Fulham CB Connor McAvoy (18) Fulham CB Matthew Craig (17) Tottenham Hotspur CDM Jayden Fairley (17) Hibs (on loan to Stenhousemuir) CM Thomas Dickson-Peters (18) Norwich City ST Chris Mochrie (17) Dundee United ST/AM Kevin Hanratty (17) Aberdeen ST Jack Stretton (19) Derby County ST (Jack Stretton has scored 38 goals in 47 matches at u18/23 level. If he can make the step up, he'll be lethal. He's been promoted to the first team.)
  3. Oh. Sorry. Thought I put the team on my post. Coventry City.
  4. Players NOT in action: Kenny McLean has tested positive for covid.
  5. 100% this. Gent, (who are currently 13th in the Oro League, and are 6 points from the relegation play off positions) have a current market value squad of £61.3m If you take all four leagues in Scotland (excluding the Old Firm) and combine the value of each squad, the value wouldn't make half of Gent's squad value. Ross County have accepted bid for their 18 year old right back Josh Reid.
  6. Yeah. Click on my profile and read my past x amount of posts. You'll notice that I'm being stalked by the Joker. I've seen a couple of his matches and he does look like he's been hitting the gym. I forgot how fast he was, too. He's playing in the middle of a back three with his club and he appears to be thriving. I think the penny has dropped and he's maturing. Long may it continue as with his passing and pace, he could be the reason for pushing McTominay into midfield
  7. Either way (emojis become transparent, they get scrapped or it's left as status quo) it's a win for me. By this rate, I'll be the most important member of TAMB, in history, by the end of the year. So, thanks, stalker(s).
  8. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/celtic-set-for-jack-hendry-23371145 Jack Hendry apparently making his move to KV Oostende permanent for £1.75m. No source, though. Daily Record just citing "a report". Hopefully it's legit, though.
  9. Clearly it wasn't your last post. See my previous post.
  10. You made a claim that's without foundation. Where's you evidence to back it up? If you have such a thing, go to the mods and report it. Otherwise, complete fabrication and paranoid delusion. If you were right, why the hell would I be here flagging it up? lol
  11. With lies like that you could run for US presidency. Why on earth would I "laugh" and be "confused"? Or better yet, don't answer. You'll just come up with more baseless innuendo.
  12. You don't think it's a tiny bit strange that a person/s (it's always a smile and a confused face. Definitely always the same duo) leave their mark on all of my posts?
  13. Nah. I'm not worried about it as much as I'm worried that certain people are taking their precious time to follow me around. Creepy. If you track my posts, it's as if I'm being stalked by the Joker... And a perpetually confused person. 😛 Definitely. Yeah, I'd accept that. Probably won't stop the stalking, but at least it'll put a name to the emojis.
  14. Emojis should be scrapped, altogether. In my previous 7 posts (prior to this one. And odds are this post will attract 1 or 2 emojis) a total of 10 emojis have been attached. In the past month I've had 199 emojis attached to my posts*. Mostly laughing or confused emojis. 199 is insane. It's too easy to bully and target people, anonymously in this place. I suggest that all emojis are scrapped, only keeping the "like" and "love" emoji. The other emojis are too negative in nature. *At the time of writing this post.
  15. It is. It's stronger in depth. The reason that Scotland are 11th is because of the Old Firm. Without them, Scotland would be closer to 20/30 than 10. We all know Anderlecht as the number one team in Belgium. They're currently fifth. 13 points behind Club Brugge and almost half of the season gone. And that's before factoring in their mythical youth system.
  16. Well, we could. A few minutes against the Faroe Islands wouldn't be too bad. Besides, it's not just about capping him, it's also to make him feel wanted. This is where I miss the "B" internationals. Might be a knee-jerk reaction on my part, but after losing Souttar to Australia, it would be another kick in the teeth if we lost banks... Especially if he turns out to be good.
  17. And Wales have capped a player (Dylan Levitt) four times, even though he's only played four times in professional league football, for Charlton, in League One. Besides, Alan McGregor was on loan at Dunfermline when he was 21. Didn't do him any harm.
  18. I'm not denying he's a good player. He's like a more mobile Steven Fletcher. However, I don't see him turning his back on England. I don't know. On his day he's EPL class (as a second striker), but I have my doubts if he can do it consistently. Agreed. I don't think the defence will take care of itself, though, in time. That'll give Clarke scope to move McTominay forward... Hopefully in time for Euro 2020. Definitely.
  19. Regardless of age, I'd trust Naismith over McBurnie, Burke, Nisbet and Shankland. In terms of otherdox strikers, Naismith should definitely be in contention. Along with Griffiths.
  20. For a start, i'd stream-line it by taking out Dembele and Adams. With our current system (with a false number 9) there's dozens of variables and options. McGinn could play upfront, so could McGregor and McTominay. Dykes should be one of whose place is confirmed. He offers us something that we haven't had since Joe Jordan. He's an old school target man.
  21. Apparently, we have a time traveller. Statto? The 90s called, they want their word back. Anyway. Go away and join Twitter if you want to Troll.
  22. Yep. Argentina capped Mascherano before he even played one game in professional football.
  23. Wales don't seem to have a problem with it. They have a young lad on the books at Manchester United called Dylan Levitt (20 years old). Hasn't played a first team game for them. He's a part of the u23s. He was on loan at Charlton Athletic. He played 4 matches for them... The same amount of cap he has for Wales.
  24. Both were from open play. In fairness, it's an easy mistake to make as most of his goals for QPR have come from the spot. Lyndon Dykes offers a lot more than goals. He's a handful for defenders and his job is to hold it up, win the first ball and be the foil for his strike partner and attacking midfielder. Plus he works tirelessly.
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