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  1. I had a strange impending doom sensation before the previous match and I'm getting the same now. I think it'll end 0:0
  2. Marshall - Reason for his omission has never been declared. Bardsley - Reason for his omission has never been declared. McArthur - Recently retired. Ritchie - Reason for his omission has never been declared. Snodgrass - Reason for his omission has never been declared. Cairney - Reason for his omission has never been declared. As you can see there's a lack of real communication between the fans and the manager/players/SFA.
  3. To be honest I don't think it's a manager situation nor is a player situation. It's much, much deeper than that. This has been festering for decades and I think it'll get a lot worse, it certainly won't get better till the SFA and the clubs in Scotland come together and decide to really invest and focus their time and resources on grassroots. For decades Scottish clubs, especially the Old Firm and the SFA have completely ignored any aspects of youth development. In recent years we've had Barry Ferguson, Darren Fletcher, James McFadden, Craig Gordon, etc, but these players have happened by accident rather than design. France established Clairefontaine when, in the late 80's? It takes up till 2014 (?) to create a few performance schools. The SFA should hang their head in shame for their neglect. Just last year they made £40m in turnover. What exactly are they doing with this money? And as for the Old Firm, over the years they've been dripping with money. If they had any brains at all, and big picture views, they would've build youth academies all over Scotland, employed the proper coaches, and trained the kids in a professional manner, But no, they choose to buy foreigners and try to be better than their rival, right here, right now. It's all a big mess.
  4. It was a struggle, I admit to it, but I managed to get through the to the end of the Labyrinth and decipher the text.
  5. I read it a couple times as I couldn't believe what I was reading. Are you trying to say that they're singling him out? Well, he was at fault for two of the goals... but fine, if you're saying that they're singling him out then I agree that it's wrong. Not one player came out of that match with any credibility. In fact, those players will go down in infamy as being the team who were responsible for the worst defeat in our history.
  6. So, you want to us an emoji to replace actual, literal words? Yikes. If you describe the words you want to use I can help find them.
  7. What an odd thing to say. So, you're saying that ex footballers shouldn't criticize current football? Does it work in every walk of life? If a plumber does a bad job installing a shower, should his fellow plumbers deny the obvious and congratulate him on fine work? Sounds like a secret society where everyone scratches their backs to get ahead.
  8. A chip? The only thing that I have even close to my shoulder is you hovering over me. Keep it up, though.
  9. Personally I loved the football we played with Craig Brown. I disagree, though, people say that "football has moved on". Has it? The only things that have moved on are nutrition, professionalism and sport science. Things off the pitch has changed, but what happens on the pitch has, and will always be the same I'd take Brown back in a heartbeat.
  10. Here's what I'll tell you, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
  11. To be honest, I think it's the only way for our players to protect the defence. We're a limited team with players of limited abilities, there's no getting past that, so I say pack the defence and pack the midfield and make it difficult for teams to find space. That's the thing, when we play the way that we played yesterday there's far too much space between our players. When you look at Kazakhstan every single player had at least 2 plays 5 yards away from them, allowing them to make quick little passes... whereas we required Pirlo and Scholes to get the passing together. They were compact, we were like unfitted jigsaw pieces... all over the place.
  12. 3 in the middle of defence and three in the middle of midfield is the way to go and the only way to protect our defence. Kazakhstan did that and we never laid a glove on their defence.
  13. So, let's go the other way then, would it better if we played with one?
  14. Point taken, we did qualify for things back then, though. And what do we have now? McKenna, Souttar and Bates. Yesterday's result wasn't entirely down to Bates and McKenna, but if you watch it again you'll see how out of the depths they were. Adding an extra body would naturally fill a gap. Not saying that it's entirely down to the defence, it's not, the midfield has so many problems, too, and choosing a championship player and a player who is on the fringes of a poor Southampton team in front of a player who had a stormer against PSG a few weeks ago is absolute lunacy.
  15. I'd take that team in a heartbeat. It's time for our fans to wake up and realize that our defenders haven't been able to play in a flat back four at international level since the days of McLeish and Miller, etc. Last night was filled with so much irony. People here say that 3-5-2 doesn't work and that 4-2-3-1 is our best system and that our defenders are strongest when they play with a four... yeah.. well... consider those theories thoroughly debunked.
  16. I agree with that, but all 11 players were off their game yesterday. I don't think the inclusion of Fletcher and Fraser would've made their team-mates play better. Definitely, but his inclusion wouldn't had made the other 10 players play well. The system that Kazakhstan played was the difference.
  17. The SFA should be sacked and replaced by people who care and people who know about football.
  18. Won't get any argument, but it's one way of bridging the gap. Look at Kazakhstan today, they're not as talented as us, but the organization, the passion and the structure they was the deciding factor. You can tell that they've worked on the formation and tactics for a while.
  19. That's the thing that annoys me, a few months ago McLeish was adamant that we'd play with 3-5-2... and then after a few lukewarm performances he ditched it. It would probably be a 3-5-2 when we're attacking and 5-3-2 when we don't have the ball, like Kazakhstan done today. Weirdly enough, they reminded me of what we used to do to teams. Ummm… no. People keep raving about McBurnie, but people have to understand that this is pretty much his first full season of playing regularly with Swansea. He has a lot to learn. But no, I can't think of a physical presence. That's another reason I feel that it would be best to play two up front, because we don't really have a top striker so we need to play two in order to lighten the workload. That's the thing, when we're attacking from either end, the opposite wingback can tuck inside and form a back 4 with the three center backs, like pulling a piece of string.
  20. Chripper

    Next Manager?

    Might sound like a daft one, but I'd be all for it. And not just because he'd reintroduce the 3-5-2.
  21. Chripper

    Next Manager?

    People say that but I'll believe it when I see it. I hope it's true. The question is, though, why haven't we been doing it for 20/30 years? Imagine where we'd be if we had been, and it was successful. Again, people say that Rangers have turned a corner and their young players look like stars of the future, and again, I'll believe it when I see it. But yes, I agree. I can't fathom why they've never been interested into bringing on their own youngsters, I mean, if it's good enough for Barcelona... Didn't he fall down a well? Oh wait, that was Bart...
  22. People keep coming to that match, but do you honestly think we would've won in Israel playing 4 at the back? I highly doubt it. Yeah, you're just mentioning one match. You can't play a certain way for 18 years, change it and expect instant results. Your point may be valid if we had played 3-5-2 for 18 years and failed, but we haven't. We've played it 5 times in 18 years. And one of those times was a 2-2 draw against England.
  23. Chripper

    Next Manager?

    I know. I still remember the "think tank" of a decade or so ago. That was useful.
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