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    You do know what I meant when I said that I've not once had a problem with the Firestick 4K, right? It means that I've never had a problem with it.. at all. I honestly don't know which links and which websites you've used for streaming, but I'm not actually talking about using the Firestick with Kodi. Kodi is obsolete and even when it did work, it didn't. If you download the silk browser, locate good streaming places, I can assure you, there will never be a problem. Any sporting event that I've tried to watch (NFL, NHL, NBA, Football, Tennis, etc) I have been able to stream in the speed of a click of the fingers, with no interruptions. Plus watching the latest Movies/TV is also flawless. If you don't experience problems you generally don't require support. Thick cunts? Yeah, dead thick. I bought a two year subscription to NordVPN (one-off payment) and a Firestick 4K for £35 combined. Meanwhile, you'll be paying that a month? And you require customer support as things go wrong, I mean, they wouldn't have customer support if things always went smoothly, right? Boy is my face red. So... these magic beans....
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    Hardware is only as effective or as powerful as the person using it. The first couple of Firesticks were limited because there wasn't any browser that was created for it, but there is now. If you're cool with paying subscriptions... I have some magic beans that might interest you.
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    You mean moi? Nah. I've had three generations of the Firestick. The first one sucked, but they've steadily improved since 2014.
  4. Chripper


    Yes, I got a Firestick for Christmas, I also got it for Boxing day, Hogmanay and New Years day. I hope to also get it for Easter and my Birthday. Not only that but I get it for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and supper and sometimes I get Firestick for a midnight snack. How about you? Pulled streams for what? Movies? Never happened. TV Shows? Still no. Sports? Still waiting.
  5. Her opinion on the moped gangs in England pretty much sums up the UK justice system, where the victim gets zero protection and the criminal gets wrapped up in cotton wool. Apparently it's fine for law abiding people to be mugged at knife/baseball bat point, but the poor wee souls doing the mugging have to be protected. Clueless. Also, one of the most hilarious interviews I've ever heard: Clueless 2 The way that she speakkkkkssss slooowwwly and deliiiberatellllyyy infatuates me.
  6. Chripper

    Scottish player transfers

    It's quite the horse race. I could be swayed with Ian Black, but because Cummings come across as an even bigger numpty, I'd go with Cummings. Didn't he come through the same young set up as Darren Fletcher? I heard that a while back, could be wrong, though. But yes, I completely agree, and Fletcher would probably be the man to do it. I'd say he's decent, there is a player in there, and could probably have quite a good career if he buckled down, but I don't think he will. Reminds me a little of David Goodwillie with their off-the-field antics ruining their careers.
  7. Chripper

    Darren Fletcher (The coach)

    Personally I would love for Darren Fletcher to be involved as a coach. He's bright, he's articulate, he's calm, he's obviously got a lot of tactical knowledge and more importantly he worked under the greatest of them all (Tony Pulls) so he must've learned so much and the things that Fletcher learned can't be taught in a classroom or reading a manual. Fletch speaks so well and with so much articulation and common sense when he appears on Sky that I can only think that he'd be a valuable asset in the dressing room and on the training field. Plus he's a fantastic professional and his good habits, and good advice, might rub off on our youngsters. He'd jump at the chance of joining the coaching staff, and if that means letting Peter Grant or James McFadden go, I'm even more for it. If I had my way I'd bring in also bring in John Collins (for his Continental experience) as well as Fletch. My dream pick would be Fletch, Collins and Steve Clark, but that's not going to happen... Clark as manager.
  8. Chripper

    Scottish player transfers

    It's been reported by Peterborough's chairmen that they've sent Cummings back to Forrest and are still paying his wages, and will be doing so till the end of the season, or he goes to another club on loan/transfer. So, it would appear that they're willing to pay 100% of his wages but they don't want him anywhere near their club. Ages ago when he appeared in that wrestling video I knew that he had a screw loose. Martin O'Neill doesn't suffer fools, he'll have one conversation with Cummings and that will be that. Cummings will be sold to a league one side by next season. He's an English League One/Scottish Championship standard player. It's really embarrassing for Scotland that he has two caps to his name.
  9. Chripper

    Jack Harper

    I'd like to see him drafted into the next Squad(s).
  10. Chripper


    The recording function sounds good and everything, but I don't think I'd be up for paying a subscription. (So, how much do you get commission? ) I suppose £65 per year is fine, especially when you compare it to Sky and BT, etc. Seriously, though, the Firestick and NordVPN method is definitely the way to go: Right now you can get the Firestick 4K for £50. You can get NordVPN on eBay for £5-£10 for a two year subscription. The only downside about my method is that you have to search for movies, etc. But with Firestick 4K it offers a browser app, so all you do is install the app, search to sites, bookmark them and just click on them at your want.... so it's really not that much of a bother.
  11. Chripper

    Karamoko Dembele

    This is an interesting article: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/karamoko-dembeles-5-year-celtic-13835734 "McCart is confident the youngster has the mentality to make the right decisions - and he hopes it means the forward will choose the Lion Rampant over the Three Lions. He said: "He's allowed one more change. That's why he didn't play with Scotland in the Victory Shield." What exactly does this mean? Presently he's chosen England, so if he chooses Scotland in the future then he's tied to us? I don't get it. Do youngsters have a limited amount of times where they can change allegiance? For the record, I don't care who he choses, as long as it gets sorted out way or the other.
  12. https://matchedbettingblog.com/tennis/australian-open-2019-offer-coral/#.XEABKPZ2s2w For new and existing customers. The link says free £5 bets, but I've been doing it since Tuesday and I've had 3 x £10 bets. So, if you wager £100 (like I did) on three in-play matches at the Australian Open you'll receive a free £10 bet. You can keep doing this till Coral give you up to £70 In free bets. My tip is to bet on matches are have odds of 0.2 or lower. But then again, I placed my most recent bet on Nishikori to beat Karlovic when the odd were 0.5 and Nishikori was winning two sets to love... only for the match to go into a match tie break. Yikes.
  13. Interesting. I wouldn't really put any stock in that, though. Every country who has voted "Yes" on independence has had foreign nationals living on their shores. Although, the variables are different in our case, as for the "rest of UK voters" it would impact their nation greatly. So I could certainly see how it's an issue... well, obviously it was an issue as it swung the vote. So yes, I think the rules should change to only Scots born people should be able to vote.
  14. Hopefully. I want to see it coming, and have been an SNP supported all my life, and will continue to be. But there's a feeling in my gut that if it comes to it, Scotland won't vote to leave the Union, unless they're pushed to the brink. If it does come then it'll be when the oil runs out and we're seen in Westminster as nothing but an anchor, therefore, they treat us with increasing contempt, and it gets to the point where it'll force even the more staunch Scottish unionist to sign up to the "Yes" campaign. Either way, if Scotland does achieve independence it'll be England want it.
  15. Is that true? Not calling a liar, just the first time I've ever heard it.
  16. I've been saying this for as long as I can remember, Scotland will never vote for independence. Never. The only way that Scotland will break away from UK is as England push it off the cliff. Which will never happen, as England need us. Scotland have voted for Labour at ever Westminster election since 1955, by the time of the 2022 election will have had Conservative governments they didn't want for 45 of he last 75 years. Add Thatcher, Poll Tax, etc, into the mix, it all points to Scotland being akin to an abused souse who stays with their partner out of lack of confidence and self esteem.
  17. Chripper

    Scottish player transfers

    Scott McTominay apparently available on a loan. Interesting Celtic, Aberdeen and a host of English clubs. I don't care who he goes to, as long as he's a regular starter.
  18. When did I mention age? "This generation" is pretty much people alive in this generation. I get your point, though, what I actually mean is "society"
  19. Nah, I assure you, t'was all in complete jest. Was just in a rush so I couldn't include the relevant smilie. Joshing me for "3/5 at the back", I thought that I was transported all the way back to 2018.
  20. Oh, it's absolutely a good thing. I was he was still with us as we need minds like his, now more than ever.
  21. Are you referring to me? Mate, if you have anything to say send me a PM. Oh wait, are you one those people who need an audience?
  22. Indeed. Either that or he'd be burned at the stake for having, ya know, a sense of humour.
  23. An example: I mention about having a novel published, a few days ago, someone joked about my writing a series akin to Enid Blyton's "The Famous five". Which is a rather funny send-up of my liking of 3/5 at the back. As a continuation of the jape I said that I'll write one called "A Bunch of Fives" and send it to him. I was then labelled a keyboard warrior. God knows what the reaction would be if I said something about "5x5", I'd probably be accused of mocking the military and the strength of their radio signal. It would appear that I'm somehow stuck in a episode of Twilight Zone episode called "The REAL Mary Whitehouse experience". My advice to this generation would be: delete your social media, put down your devices and watch a few hours of George Carlin.
  24. This is what people are getting so hot under-the-collar about? A commercial where it says that men should aspire to be better human beings? Wow... topical... This social-media snowflake generation should really get a hobby, I mean, apart from feeling faux outrage over EVERY SINGLE mundane thing. I'm so glad that I have no social network footprint.