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  1. Booked my brothers stag do to Benidorm (generic huh). Yes i know its a s***ehole. Anyone recommend any apartments etc for us to stay in? 16 of us for 3 nights so four 4 person apartments or five three person apartments. Preferably with a bar serving cheap alcohol and a pool. Kind Regards, (The generic stag do planner.)
  2. Berlin sounds a popular choice. Going to keep my options open in terms of flight prices etc.
  3. alright lads, have to organise my brothers stag do I've got a while to organise it so want to plan a belter. But as I'm a younger brother I've never had to organise or been on a stag do before. Been away with the tartan army to places like Prague, Amsterdam etc tho. Anyone been on a stag do recently and recommend any cities to go to? Been looking at Budapest but not sure what its got in terms of nightlife etc. They'll be a mix of ages as my old man and his mates are coming as well so a mix of ages between 21 and 55 but we are fairly heavy drinkers so want somewhere with good nightlife ahead of things to do. Any help is appreciated. Cheers.
  4. We are buying the boy a bottle of Whisky for his troubles lol!!
  5. My Dad has suppliers in Metz he rang them up and they sent their apprentice down to the local carrefour stood in the queue for 6 hours and managed to get us 4 tickets yesterday!! We also managed to get one from the fff website after trying for 2 hours and them disappearing out of our basket every time we managed to get a hold of one. All set to go now!!
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