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  1. Antonio Calderón was a class act for Airdrie.....the tail end of his career and didn't have much pace but he always seemed to have SO much time on the ball. Scored a couple of crackers too. Fernández, San Juan and Sanchez Broto were too good for that division too and they went on to play for Livi Celtic and Killie.....but everything to Calderón was effortless.....pretty sure if he could do it on wet winter night in Division 1 then Stoke on a similar night wouldn't hold any fears either.
  2. No bother frazzle Cheers Toepoke. I think it would be on the old TAMB. Anyone know if that stuff is still available? Not that one but cheers. Think it was either before or after the Italy home game and had all the moments from 2008 qualifying. I will have a search on YouTube for Byron Lynch.
  3. There used to be a guy on here that did cracking video montages and posted them on YouTube. Does he still do them? Think his name was Byron. I heard Feeder-Feeling a moment yesterday for the first time in ages and was looking to find the Euro 2008 clip....nostalgia kicking in after 4 pretty garbage campaigns.
  4. Aye cheers for the early info about dates squirrelhumper....hotel booked on Monday and 4 tix for Saturday on the pitch....sorted
  5. Cheers for the tips. Burns cottage is a good shout as they have both done the Rabbie Burns topic at school. I mighthink try the go karts in Kilmarnock....will check height restrictions.
  6. I'm heading to Troon for 3 nights at the start of the October for a wee hotel break with the kids (boy 9 girl 6....going on 16) I've had a wee look on the usual sites but was looking for any hidden gem ideas what to do nearby if the weather isn't great (more likely).......and ideas if the weather is ok (wishful thinking) Cheers
  7. We have a 16 seater leaving from West End Bar on Airdrie with 7 available seats if anyone is looking for transport to the Germany Game.
  8. with the cheap tickets all sold for the Friday daytime trains the standard fare is now £30. I was in Belfast last weekend and was told that you can get a taxi from Belfast to dublin for £120, same price as the train for 4 of you but straight from the airport to your digs. If you want the number of the driver pm me.
  9. Remember it well......nearly 8 years on and mindful of the result it still had the hairs on the back of neck standing up as Insomnia started. That was the best build up to a match I have ever experienced since I started going in 2001......read every newspaper report and thread on here and could barely do any work.
  10. Yep, our Duo tix arrived today too.
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