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  1. Little Mac

    Series Worth Watching

    The Wire is the best series out there. True Detective and The Newsroom also excellent. The Blacklist and Elementary are a little less 'serious', but still worth watching. The Following was also decent, with that Kevin Bacon. Only one I'd add to an already large list is The Leftovers. Season 1 has not long finished, and although i have no real idea what is going on, it's compelling stuff - much like Lost was. Looking forward to season 2. Got Fortitude on my planner which looks good too.
  2. To be fair to BlueGaz, at least he made an informed decision. He went out and looked for answers instead of just listening to the mainstream media. He may have reached different conclusions to you, but he made the effort. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who didn't bother doing any research to help make the most important political decision they may ever make. These are the people who are more deserving of your ire, although I'm not sure 'deserving' is the right word. 'Sheeple' right enough.
  3. That can only be true if this interest continues. Somehow, I doubt that will be the case. I'll predict that turnout will be back to it's original piss-poor state for the next set of elections, both Holyrood and Westminster. The extra No voters got what they wanted and will return to their normal apathy. The extra Yes voters will be so disheartened they will return to their normal apathy. IMO, only a Yes vote would have mainained the extraordinary interest this referendum has created.
  4. Little Mac

    My Apology

    Aberdonian woman on BBC there saying she voted no because 'Scotland would be too weak to stand on its own'. When thats what you're up against Flure, there is no need to apoligise.