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  1. SSC Membership Cards

    Haven't received any email myself yet, must be down to the fact that I live in Germany, takes it longer to get here I suppose🤔
  2. SSC Membership Cards

    Anyone else still waiting to receive theirs? Anyone know what the delay is?
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Please not John Hughes, FFS, that his name is even being associated with the job, be it through him blowing his own trumpet or the media doing it for him (although I suspect this is nothing more than some desperate Journalism) reeks of utter desperation, I seriously hope the SFA also see it this way, I was wondering though, has anyone considered Steve Clarke doing the Job in parallel to his job at Killie, and a full time assistant with a good level of experience in place to go and look at players they are considering selecting?
  4. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I hope that we don't go down the road of the usual Suspects, Moyes, Lambert etc, and that we go for someone who can instill some self belief and a winning mentality into the Players so that when do manage to get ahead or pull level in games we go on and try and kill our opponents off or have the belief we can go on and win the game instead of the mentality of the Players at the moment where it seems to be if we do manage to get ahead in games we end up hanging on for dear life trying to defend a narrow lead which ultimately costs us every time, a winning mentality and confidence in their own abilities will go a long way to achieving some real improvement in our fortunes.
  5. No more Ryanair for me

    For anyone else who is wondering about flights they have booked, https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/ryanair-cancellations-a-mess-o-leary-says-ahead-of-full-flight-list-release-1.3224924 Looks like we will find out by this evening.
  6. No more Ryanair for me

    Where did you see this? Due to fly to Edinburgh on the 4th of October with them
  7. Slovakia

    Anyone got any idea on when the Public sale will be announced? On the website right now only Malta Tickets are available.
  8. Bye Bye Strachan!

    I fear that scenario too. I think they should go on their hands and knees to Walter Smith or Alex Mcleish to come back as Interim Manager at least.
  9. Bye Bye Strachan!

    Once again we lack the players who can put our chances away when it matters, that and woeful defending letting us down once again, Strachan has had enough time to change things, that was nothing to do with unlucky tonight!
  10. Bye Bye Strachan!

    He should do the decent thing and step down after the Game! This is embarrassing!
  11. Membership packs!

    Naw, Germany, so judging by what you say, it will be another 2 weeks until the Stagecoach arrives in Germany!
  12. Membership packs!

    Anyone else still waiting for theirs? Does this gave to do with the fact that I live abroad?
  13. Metz A No Go

    Try Luxembourg or Frankfurt Hahn (Direct Flights from Edinburgh as far as I know) both a lot closer than paris!
  14. New Away Top!

    Gone and bought the away top now! At that price had to be done!
  15. Stv Debate

    Aye true,the lad just reminded me of Adrian Mole thats all!