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  1. Thought that, but I thought since the WC was on...😉
  2. He said this back in 2013. He was quickly sent overseas out of the way. http://newsnet.scot/archive/tory-mp-comes-under-fire-after-claiming-union-extinguished-scotland/
  3. Did you really have to get me click on that shitty rag 😩 the hootsman is renowned for fixing polls. For that. Here’s some light reading for you, if you can stomach it. https://mobile.twitter.com/keeplondonrule/status/939957092580020224 could well be a parody account.!
  4. He’s probably been phoned by the herald for a quote, any old lying quote that will frighten the masses. Of course the unionist press will be all over this because it suits their agenda. I wish the kunt would just phuck off and whither away. Putting it nicely.
  5. NS tweeted that 7,526 new members have signed up in the last 48 hours. That would mean the SNP having the second largest membership of all the UK political parties, overtaking the tories, if labour’s numbers are to be believed. Me and the other half, both of us avid Indy supporters and ex members, haven’t joined...yet. I wonder how many are in the same position?
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/WingsScotland/status/1007538424851697664/photo/1
  7. Watched that and I thought he come over as an overbearing odious w*nk.
  8. Spot on. Here is the question with multiple choices. https://mobile.twitter.com/deoradh1/status/1007306745159585792/photo/1
  9. The north (correction) Wales police commissioner, Afron Jones, says he’s joining up to be a member of the SNP. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=916143485225850&id=290782454428626 https://mobile.twitter.com/ArfonJ
  10. You and the Welsh police commissioner. Due to the total disregard of the views of the Celtic Nations I will be joining @thesnp tomorrow. Westminster leaves us with no alternative. 11:48 pm · 13 Jun 2018
  11. Who’s to say that the 5 year olds hadn’t been given this information in previous work. The man is a dull nobody that is really floundering in that position.
  12. Sure I heard NS saying that SNP membership has soared by 5,500 since the SNPs walk out of parliament.
  13. Of course it matters when it’s said dewar believed in us having a voice.
  14. He didn’t believe in us having a voice when he quietly gave away 6000 sq nautical miles of Scotland’s territorial waters to Westminster in 1999.