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  1. Hello from the Pacific NW USA. Born in Scotland. Retired freelance writer.
  2. I'm an ExPat who left long ago. Although nothing that has happened in the UK in the past few decades has affected me directly, I still have family there. As I've been watching the proceedings in the House of Commons for the past couple of years, I've been appalled at the lack of respect shown to the Scots. I was hopeful that the 2014 referendum would pass and disappointed when it didn't. I would like to know if any of you Scots are at all worried that Westminster might shut down Holyrood altogether if Nicola Sturgeon is too persistent. Are any of you worried about Scotland being partitioned, as was suggested by a poster on another political forum? Are you concerned at all about the possibility of "ethnic cleansing"? I can tell you that from where I sit out here in the NW USA, your alliance with England looks very unhealthy since you are center left and they are center right. It needs to be dissolved for Scottish interests to be served, but how do you see that ultimately happening if England's bigger population guarantees it will hold sway 100% of the time? And lastly, my burning question is, why do you put up with the status quo? Why don't you believe in yourselves?
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