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  1. We arrive Friday around 2 pm and are going to the Crazy Bull. Shout if you still want the spare
  2. Davierobbsagod, we offered to pick these up in Aberdeen then you went quiet. Are you having a laff?
  3. Hi, yes we now have 4 but only need 3
  4. Hi Inbetweener. If you still have them we'll take them please
  5. Sorry, forget my latest. Mawbroon provided the link earlier. Thank you.
  6. 'Craig Watson & Barry mcmahon on tartan army mctartanface post ' I don't know how to find the above. Anyone help please?
  7. Thanks maw, I don't know how to get on mctartanface site. Can you help please?
  8. Looking for 3 tickets. Together great but whatever.
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