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  1. 38 minutes ago, Malcolm said:

    No, I have no time for Boris or Douglas Ross.  As I mentioned in other threads I don’t think there is a current party that I can easily vote for.  I think we shouldn’t have locked down as hard for so long. If we are going back the 80s were a prosperous decade for many.  The right to buy scheme, bringing home ownership to people was good. Basically I want a party that rewards entrepreneurs and hard work.


    Reward hard work? What does that mean? Does it include the thousands of people who work full time and are still living below the poverty line? Who have to rely on food banks despite working , in some cases, two or more low-paid jobs? Or is it just people who’ve had better breaks and earn loads of money through investment of money they were born to and “work hard” by using their wealth to create more wealth?

    How about levelling the land somewhat rather than throwing money at money?

  2. 1 hour ago, aaid said:

    Anyway, how do you know what’s on TV when you don’t have a license and claim not to watch it?

    UK political correspondents are pretty lazy as a rule and won’t look past Westminster and will interview people there and for NI, that’s pretty much just the DUP as SF don’t take their seats.  There’s a couple of SDLP MPs now so that gives an option.   On some of the coverage over then weekend one of them - Claire Hanna - was on the panel and one of the other guests criticised her for being in WM and not Stormont.  That wasn’t saying she shouldn’t be in WM at all but more that she would do more good in Stormont.  She made the point that until they were elected, there was no moderate NI voice there, ie, WM, but that rolls on to the lobby media as well.  Interestingly double jobbing isn’t allowed in Stormont, so Jeffrey Donaldson has a big decision to make,

    If you want to get a better understanding BBCNI actually has some very decent politics programs, better than BBC Scotland IMHO, but then you need to have a TV license to watch them 😉

    On this side of the pond, licence is the noun, license is the verb. Stop getting words wrong. It diminishes your analysis. 😀

  3. 4 minutes ago, vanderark14 said:

    I just Said you can't really compare them both because they are so far apart. Not sure why I need have a lie down for saying that. The game has changed so much in 55 years its not fair to compare them 

    Your first sentence is utter mince by the way. This has nothing to do with the Canadian gump. I responded to someone else. I doubt anyone on this board detests rangers as much as me but at least I have the sense to acknowledge the magnitude of what they could be about to do.

    It’s not mince. Your whole TAMB persona is based around a dislike, and attempted winding up, of somebody else. 

    The achievement is still in the balance. If it were to come to pass, it would be extremely noteworthy. But you had the temerity to compare it to a genuine mould-breaking team of immense talent. It’s a ridiculous comparison, as well as a quite premature one.

  4. 4 minutes ago, vanderark14 said:

    Back then clubs played with local players because it wasn't that common for clubs to sign loads of foreign talent. As much as I can't stand Rangers..............if they won the Europa league it would be up there with the greatest achievements by a club from Scotland.


    I don;t think its fair to compare 67 with Rangers potentially winning the Europa league 55 years later. two completely different 

    In saying the above I hope Rangers get royally humped on Thursday. Mon the Red Bull

    I know you’ll say anything in order to avoid being in agreement with Ramy, but, jeez, have a wee lie down. The two are not remotely in the same stratosphere. It gets harder to acknowledge the further away in time the achievement gets, but I’m sure you can access a video of it. Blimey. That’s an incredible take.

  5. 1 hour ago, Tartan_Tonna said:

    I couldn't be less enthused about Kilmarnock and their plastic pitch and empty stands returning to the top flight. 

    Horrible football club. My second least favourite team behind Hamilton. Fucking tin pot club. 


    Stick to the weird hate shit in the politics thread. Your weird hate shit here isn’t gonna dampen Killie moods.

  6. 3 hours ago, adamntg said:

    Listen to yourselves and your selfish, small-minded comments being aimed at Ukraine for having the temerity to want to play an important football match to the best of their ability. 

    That’s where I am too. Bonkers anger on display.

  7. 35 minutes ago, Toepoke said:

    Should've won it by miles today. Dunfermline's Polish keeper looks a future star though. 

    Massive Friday night coming up now, Inverness not a favourite destination of ours however 😬


    Yeah, their keeper was great. They offered nothing at all attacking wise though. Killie we’re good.

  8. 13 minutes ago, ceudmilefailte said:

    Agree,cant see a way of playing the formation without him unless we just play mega defensive or lopsided.

    Be easier to go back to the bad old days of 4-5-1

    Although I said irreplaceable 😀 I’d rather just replace him rather than change formation. Cooper in at LCB. I’d then put McTominay in at right so we at least have one forward-carrying central defender.

  9. 52 minutes ago, HighlandScot said:

    What an anti-climax to concede that "penalty" when the game was well won. Poland were very disappointing, and lucky to get the draw. Not a bad performance from Scotland though, pressing and keeping possession reasonably well. If Clark can refrain from this nonsense of McTominay in central defense, plus forgets about Greg Taylor we should be in good shape.

    Taylor played well. 

  10. Looking for recommendations, if y’all would be so kind, for good introductory books on Scottish history for a seven year old. Good engaging ones. In particular, on the vikings in Scotland, as he is learning some aspect of the vikings at school so would like to put in a Scottish context for him. Also Wallace, as he was introduced briefly to his story at school too. But would be open to buying a whole series of them on other aspects too. Seems to be a lack of options online. Wallace, yeah, but would like to hear any recommendations of any you particularly like.

    cheers! 🙂

  11. 1 hour ago, Auchinyell Sox Change said:

    Its all over , bar the shouting 

    thank fvck

    altho some people would happily carry on this madness forever ; and am not just talking nicolas acolytes- at least a bunch of normal folks have seen through her and the cult 

    the bedwetters, the hypochondriacs, the hand wringers,socialists,the unemployables, the ones scared of their own shadow

    brainwashed into bubonic plague comparisons

    but but theres a 95 year old granny dribbling soup in a home whos at risk now

    give me a nudge when we find a cure for death

    Alexa, show me an utter, utter cunt.

  12. 2 minutes ago, aaid said:

    Why aren't *you* on the streets?  What are you doing apart from ranting on a messageboard read by about 10 people?

    Valid question. Don’t want to be lone nutter! If I do, will you join me? I’ll be there as soon as someone organises one. Seriously, though, why are people so passive and accepting of this? Is it too easy to vent on social media and think that’s enough? I’m as  guilty as anyone. I’m no James Wilson, nobody would follow me, but I’d happily join the throng.

  13. 38 minutes ago, aaid said:

    You're the parody around here.

    I disagree. I don’t think he’s said anything outrageous. I, too, am totally against this development and frustrated beyond belief about the inaction on independence. We need positive steps being taken. The absolute fuckin shitshow we find ourselves in demands a change of tact by the SNP fuckin now. It’s now a crisis, with people struggling to heat their homes and a cruel, unperturbed Westminster elite sitting back counting their ill-gotten gains, comfortable they can’t be challenged as they offer their corrupt little back-handers in the form of improperly awarded contracts and bribes in the form of baubles and gongs and knighthoods and shite like that. Fuck the payday loan imposed on us by Sunak. The approach taken by other European nations in imposing restrictions on how much energy companies can rape us shows there is another way. Let’s fuckin take it. Sturgeon has won several elections, independence supporters are a majority in the Scottish parliament. The mandate is there. Now is not the time for faint hearts and gradualism. It’s urgent. Why are we not on the streets? Fuck the inaction of the people as much as our representatives. This is an annoyingly long paragraph but that is my own form of rebellion. Fuck proper punctuation until we take action in more pressing matters.

  14. 6 hours ago, Diamond Scot said:

    The religion of Hearts is relevent because its one of the "traits" that link Rangers with Hearts. If its just about scummy fans then loads of clubs up and down the country would be huns.

    Did you not even read my last post? I married a catholic, my son is a catholic. Im more than aware of the difficulties that catholics have been subjected to.  That however is no justification for continuing the use of bigoted language regardless of what side of the divide you are on. I want Scotland to be a better place to live and work. Is that such a bad thing? Would the world not be a better place if football rivalry could just be about football and not about their faith, political views or family background?

    The uber defence of one side of the argument based on what team you support is a large part of the problem but as Ramy says, if you are through and through then its ok isnt it.

    And just for the record, saying Airdrie died really doesnt bother me as im not in primary school.

    Not sure if serious…

    Anyway, Rangers fans are huns because of the reasons outlined by Scotty and others. That’s it. It’s been easy to associate Hearts with them - it’s the closest  thing to compare them to - when their fans embark on hate-filled, vicious, anti-Celtic, anti-Catholic behaviours. If they don’t want to be called diet huns then they shouldn’t behave like the huns. It’s nothing to do with their religion, it’s to do with how they act. Stop aping them then it stops. 

    Another weirdly pro-Rangers rant by the “Airdrie” fan. It’s just weird. I’ve learned nothing about the Diamonds reading your tweets, just about the oppression of Protestant culture.

  15. 1 hour ago, TDYER63 said:

    Loved the first 2 series of this but have watched the first 2 episodes of this series and not been very impressed. Dont think I will bother finishing it . I am not particularly prudish but feel it is resorting to shit crude humour too often. 

    With the Dennis Pennis character gone, I’d have said this series has less crude humour. 

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