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  1. Not sure if serious… Anyway, Rangers fans are huns because of the reasons outlined by Scotty and others. That’s it. It’s been easy to associate Hearts with them - it’s the closest thing to compare them to - when their fans embark on hate-filled, vicious, anti-Celtic, anti-Catholic behaviours. If they don’t want to be called diet huns then they shouldn’t behave like the huns. It’s nothing to do with their religion, it’s to do with how they act. Stop aping them then it stops. Another weirdly pro-Rangers rant by the “Airdrie” fan. It’s just weird. I’ve learned nothing about the Diamonds reading your tweets, just about the oppression of Protestant culture.
  2. With the Dennis Pennis character gone, I’d have said this series has less crude humour.
  3. You’re very welcome. Didn’t grow up a Killie fan, but having moved to the town I very much look out for their results and go to the odd game. Quite excited by recent developments and will go more regularly now. Having lived in Wolverhampton for a couple of years and followed Wolves, I like a good community club.
  4. Might be like an on-field dust up where both aggressor and victim are both booked by a rubbish ref after a confrontation. Maybe FIFA will throw out both.
  5. 😄 I hate them. I hate them so much. I hated the original club. I hated their bigotry, their horrible fans, their cheating. The spittle dribbling from their mouths. I hated the board, the management, everything. then they died. Then a new club began. And the bigoted, horrible, smelly fans with no club attached themselves to that new one. Now they have all the same failings and horribleness as the old one PLUS an added sense of grievance for some bizarre reason. I don’t drink. I hate them.
  6. My day wasn’t 50 years ago. Do I look that old? Anyway, I’m a Wolves man. Scottish club football a joke. Ever thus.
  7. You still think it’s a red! Not even a foul in my day. Huns are so blinkered (and smelly).
  8. There really is noth Me too. Seen them given to dirty huns, not to anyone else. No wonder Debian was feart to post the video, (not actually watched yet)
  9. No, my name is not catholic-y at all. Even if it was, I’m still allowed an opinion. Yes?
  10. Have the courage of your convictions and show a video. That’s a still image. Thought you were confident it was a red?
  11. No. Your hun specs are red, white and blue. I’m comfortable in my assumption. 🤭 Corrupt Scottish football dead to me is.
  12. Seen enough over the years though to know I’m right. Are you Jimmy Sandiaon?
  13. Scottish football unwatchable. If huns losing to a contender- red card. Been like this forever. The point, what is?
  14. Don’t know if you ever attempted to watch Annika but I gave up on episode 1 of that because of this very issue. Can’t remember character’s name but he was kind of the main male role. Accent was awful, so obviously slowed down to try and make himself more understandable but sounded weird and fake.
  15. So, bottom line, you’re just aching for Rangers’ achievements to be more recognised by all and universally lauded? For “not a Rangers fan” the majority of your posts seem to be in support of them! 🤭
  16. You’re right, of course. The American fans have historically been worse, and may still be. Maybe the European behaviour annoys me more cos I’m European and these idiots shouting ole ole ole are meant to represent me. Don’t have Sky anyway but doubt I’d watch it even if I did. Anyway, enjoy!
  17. Glad the Europeans getting humped. A few of them very unlikeable. Let’s pick Poulter because… erm cos he’s played in it before and shouts a lot like an effin eejit who’s never played golf before. Ryder Cup brings the worst out of both teams but I find the European fans a bit more annoying. (In previous years. I don’t watch it now).
  18. Yeah, I have a certain amount of sympathy for the view that you try to avoid escalating the victim mentality. But continuing to empower them is simply emboldening them. They’re getting worse. I agree with your second paragraph.
  19. I once thought that was the best course of action too. But 30 years ago. 30 years of waiting on them to die out has not worked, as witnessed by the number of marches yesterday. There’s some weird perceived victim status among the inbred fuckers, fuelled largely by the demise of their football team and all the ways they were wronged and mocked by nationalists, fen Ian’s and jacobites. There’s a growing seige mentality brewing which is getting pretty sinister and potentially dangerous. Allowing such walks, which are going to attract the worst subhuman scumbags who buy into the victim mentality, and have them March past Catholic Churches is inflammatory. It needs addressed, not pandered to. In my opinion.
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