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  1. I found it a hard watch due to his now known about unionism. But maybe that’s just me! Also can’t understand reason why McStay didn’t get more caps. So assured and good at keeping possession when he came on. Looked like a proper footballer. Didn’t appreciate him so much when I was younger (I wasn’t even that young). But he was kinda like Barry Ferguson but with more forward impetus. Anyway, he wasn’t on for long in this game but it sparked a memory. Maestro indeed.
  2. King Arthur wasn’t English though. 😛
  3. No, his stuff tends to pass me by. Apologies if this is old ground. Just think it’s great that my preconceived image of Slasher is totally false. He actually goes around in a turtleneck and blazer with patches on the elbows and glasses. Not what I imagined a Slasher to be like at all.
  4. Yeah, some of them have confused me over the years. Usually In an argument they get some patronising Person calling them “son” and they counter with, “Actually, I’m not a bloke.” And the truth is out.
  5. Someone called Slasher is a successful author; our resident intellectual is called Fart (and can’t spell). Any other misleading names?
  6. I wish you good fortune, mate. And congratulations.
  7. I’m from the west coast and I do not. i accept a fair amount of folk do though. Maybe 43% or so? Not a majority. Definitely.
  8. Yeah, and similarly, where does the line start and end east of which folk are condescending whanks about the way folk talk? 🙃
  9. Anyone watched Kingdom, the Korean zombie thing? Just finished the two series and enjoyed it. First episode is a bit slow but is generally a good programme.
  10. I'm not due the self-employed payment as I've only been self-employed since January. Seems strange I'm discriminated against for that reason. As it happens, I am still able to work to a certain extent. However, with a young child at home all day (and the wife not able to supervise all the time due to recovery from illness) I'm limited in what work I pick up. So I'm definitely losing out. Not as bad as some though.
  11. A Timeout is a chocolate bar, is it not? Needs to be a clear distinction. As is a Twix (even a single finger one). best biscuit - Rocky best chocolate bar - Ripple
  12. They probably edge it, but the red wrapper ones are excellent too.
  13. What a miserable outlook. And I agree with every word.
  14. The point of the joke is its double meaning. The apostrophe is correct for one of these meanings, so you can stop fretting.
  15. Still responding to Scottycta lunacy! 😄 That’s so 2012.
  16. Got my letter from government today saying I should stay at home at all times and avoid all face-to-face contact for at least 12 weeks. I’m an unsociable bugger and even I am gonna struggle. No idea how normal people will cope, especially those who live alone.
  17. Suppose a lot depends on your age as well and who’s top of their game when you’re most into football. Two others I forgot, who I loved at a certain time - Hagi and Stoichkov.
  18. Got tired thinking of others so just put etc. Wasn’t complete list, I acknowledge that.
  19. Yeah, I’m a big Messi fan (not a big, messy fan). He’s as electric and magical to watch on the pitch. But Maradona dragged Argentina to the World Cup and a non-top-five Napoli to the Scudetto.
  20. 1. Maradona Huuuuuuge gap 2. you can argue about Messi, Cruyff, Ronaldo (x2), Zidane, van Basten, etc
  21. When you say “am” after a time, you don’t need to add “in the morning”. No being a smart arse, just saving you characters. 👍
  22. duncan II

    Lyndon Dykes

    Not insane (although my maternal great-grandmother had issues), not blind (though have had a stye that has lingered a few weeks), not thick (honestly), am a Celtic fan. Ah, that must be it. Can't have an opinion as am a Celtic fan. Think Robertson's a very good player. Think Tierney's better. Not much in it.
  23. duncan II

    Lyndon Dykes

    Cos Tierney's an excellent player and made a really impressive start to his Arsenal career.
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