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  1. Grand Park Hotel for me....Think there's an "irish" pub nae too far called Harrats...
  2. Cheers Simy. got the flag back. missed you by 10minutes the other day. Hopefully catch up with you sometime. Due you a few beers!!!!! Cheers. Ivor.
  3. Hi Simy,

    Cheers for finding the flag. My name is Ivor fae aberdeen and i left the flag in the bar. Was in there wie the boys fae dunfermilne.

    I'm not in aberdeen just now. Will you be able to leave it in the Hawthorn bar on sunday? I won't be hame till wednesday.

    Will buy u a few pints shen we meet...cheers

    My e-mail address




    1. Simy


      Iv arived back in aberdeen myself buddy ill have it in the bar by wednesday 

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