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  1. https://www.albamatter.com/post/tierney-robertson-and-scotland-s-left-sided-opportunity-via-bielsa After a short break, we're back 👋 As a form a self flagellation, we decided to to have a go at the great unanswerable question in modern day Scottish fitba. Be kind! 😂 Enjoy the season all!!!! Alba Andy
  2. https://www.albamatter.com/post/the-hardest-story-to-tell-andy-robertson Hi folks, Andy from Alba\Matter here. We're a new football website, celebrating and writing about all that is good about our game - with a particular focus on positive mindsets within the SNT and SWNT. My daughter and I are TA members and attend SWNT home games. We thought you might enjoy this article about our skipper, and the mindset behind the story we all think we know so well. There's lots of gifs from his time at QP and United through to Liverpool and Scotland. For more articles, both written and
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