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1 minute ago, RenfrewBlue said:

Depends what he's done. possibly just push it through club disciplinary procedures and terminate his contract. 

That would be a good result for them. Unlikely I would have thought though. If it's just a disagreement with warbo or something .

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1 hour ago, ErsatzThistle said:

Joey Barton, Andy Halliday, Fraser Aird or Lee "I never felt like a Scotland player" Wallace - who to dislike the most ? ;)

It's a dilemma.

It's not a dilemma, there are four possible outcomes. A dilemma would be if there were just two. It would be a trilemma if there were three. Sorry, I don't know what the term is for four, I'm not a smartarse.

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52 minutes ago, Parklife said:

I told you all he'd be a terrible signing... 

There were quite a few on here (non Rangers fans included) who thought he was a really good signing.:blink:

Too much baggage and an overpaid, average player who has somehow made a rich career. Incredible.

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