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Oanyhoo.   Here's the result of an afternoon I'll never get back 🤖 24-Jul    Planets including sun, moon and so on and so on. 20-Jul    Animal parts. 17-Jul    Body parts.   [   Again ] 10

Just to help some people along 😆  

The title of this song reminded me of this....  

Posted Images


Right. I'm taking liberties with geography here, but led Zeppelin probably were too.   They, like me, were a bit too far east for this thread, but I can't resist since to me it sounds North African.

Oanyhoo, it's a chance to sneak in one of my favourite bands playing one of my favourite tunes   ...but it's a bit shit.

Thing about it is, there's always something missing. It builds, and builds but never gets there. (Is that why I like it? :mellow: )

What's actually missing of course is bass guitar!   John Paul Jones, one of the world's greatest rock exponents of bass plays... a fekkin' church organ.   One hand saves money (expertly) squealing out violins, while the other taps out some low drones that should have been done on a Fender or a Rickenbacker.

End of the lecture.   Have a listen to this shite :wave:


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7 minutes ago, scottincarlisle said:

I'm almost certain no one will have ever heard this never mind posting it.


You are 100% correct (in my case anyway 😋 ), but that's why I come here.   (Apart from a wee bit self indulgence  :beer2: )

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