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Am pretty sure when I started school early 70s that golden wonder had a monopoly ; then kp arrived ; and the endless variety

Same deal with drinks ; my kids laugh when I tell them it was generally warm coke or warm orange fanta cans only in shops ; fresca ; lilt etc offered us the exotic....

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I like them too, but auld Mackie can phuqq off after his referendum comments.

Mackie's haggis ones are bowfing - cheese n onion are no bad (certainly strong), but Golden Wonder are still the cheese n onion kings.

There's something corporate / plasticky about Walkers (probably because they're owned by Pepsi) - not for the crisp connoisseur.

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They used to do a Mexican Chilli flavour too. Not seen them in ages.

The best crisps on earth.

Think they do them in the shop at the bottom of my street. Along with the Thai sweet chicken which are great but hard to find. Poindland have a multipack with three flavours think the Mexican chilli is one and sizzling prawn is one which are also lovely.

Teaco at the airport definitely sells something at 10 or 20p, I'll have a check this week

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