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Watched game in bat in Calgary

Bunch of guys came in for lunch as game was ending ; they were certainly laughing

I just wanted to get out

I get the point but truly the laughing stock of the world is a wee bit off the mark. ( IMO )

I watched it in England with English mates and they never laughed.

They actually felt frustrated as they have enjoyed watching us this campaign and want us to qualify.

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We lost a difficult away game- not really a disgrace, just disappointing. We're a reasonably good side full of lower table Premiership and Championship players.

Anyone who thought we were able to go to Eastern Europe and expect to win was deluded.

Bollocks, our rivals have all won in Georgia, if we have any ambitions of ever qualifying we have to stop thinking that winning over their is impossible.

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Well, there's a lot of room between 'expecting to win' (deluded) and thinking winning is impossible (bollocks)

This was always going to be a tough fixture, and even with a healthy dose of hindsight, setting out not to lose while hoping to nick a win [not the same as playing for a draw] doesn't look such a bad strategy, either tonight or against Germany

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