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55 minutes ago, Alibi said:

Shocked to see that Dilbert has vanished without any prior warning and is now only available on subscription - $70 a year FFS.

Oh there's been plenty of warnings lol

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I was completely unaware of this controversy as I just looked at the daily cartoon and have done so for many years.  I don't really care about the personal opinions of the originator of the cartoons.  I think his comments as reported are a bit more nuanced than "racism" but I suppose it's an easy label to stick on someone.  I suppose this now means that Humza Yousaf will be cancelled because of his racist rant in the Scottish Parliament about the number of people in top jobs in Scotland who are "white!".

Sad to see Dilbert cancelled as a result of this but i'm sure Dilbert would appreciate the irony.  I must check to see if Dogbert managed to get re-homed. 

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