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Ireland Saturday


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Souttar unlucky not to keep his place, may be a reason for Hanley coming back with regards to there forwards.

Thought Gilmour might be back but McTominay in midfield for a change.

Regardless, we need to win so no excuses.

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36 minutes ago, ParisInAKilt said:

Armstrong bit unlucky to not start, was probably better than Christie the other night. 

I like Armstrong. He is always looking to do something a wee bit different, but a lot of our moves on Wednesday broke down when he got the ball. A great player to have coming off the bench though. I would have gone with Gilmour from the start tonight unless he's not fully fit.

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23 minutes ago, ProudScot said:

Surprised Souttar is dropped. Also slightly surprised McTominay is in cm instead of Gilmour. Interesting to see if it’s the same shape as the other night or not.

Huge 3 points needed. 

Maybe he will go with 6 at the back? 😉

Who knows with Clarke, he seems to like to change things about a bit.

Must win tonight. They have to go for it.

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It seems there's more of an expectation to win today than the last away game against Ireland?

It may be that way on paper but it all depends on which Scotland turns up today - the effective, positive side of the last season or the somewhat hapless, out of sort sides that played Ukraine?

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Horrendous defending at the back post there by McKenna! Didn’t even jump.

Also why do we have nobody on the posts defending corners!? Guy on the post would’ve cleared that.

Next goal huge, plenty of time to get back in to the game but fuck me that’s a poor goal to concede. 

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