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Heading to Madrid the weekend we play Ireland at Hampden. Unusually for me, it’s a city I know next to nothing about. We’ve booked a tapas/wine tasting thingy and one of our group fancies a flamenco show but that’s about it. Any thoughts about good districts to visit plus the usual bar/restaurant/activity recommendations appreciated, oh and of course somewhere good to watch the game! 

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The museums and stadium tours of Real and Atletico are good.


For food, Villa Rosa on the north western corner of Plaza de Santa Ana is a very nice restaurant.

Also has Flamenco. 

Maybe book a table.


A 5 minute walk south-east of there, Calle de las Huertas and the streets off of it are full of bars.

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been there twice late 90s then again for dons v athletico - tbh both times felt like was in different cities, as so much variety , things to see, there wasnt too much overlap = last time stayed in hotel overlooking plaza del angel - which is not a major square but seemed so much great little bars etc to dive into - was also a lads trip so different vibe

first time stayed in an ex bullfighters (extra marital ) hotel opposite the best south american steakhouse ive been too - i went to find it again and was now repurposed as a nightclub (hotel was boarded up) - was in nightclub / gay ? area i think

think my point is , i kind of miss the pre internet / random wandering days , when trip advisor didnt dictate the plans (am planning trip to san francisco in june , and am already getting sucked in by it ......)

forgot to mention ; we took a train to toledo for day trip - old city on hill , nothing too amazing tbh

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Bit touristy but we found an early trip on the open top bus was excellent for getting our bearings. The metro was great and easy to navigate. Big city so lots to see and do. Great for big long walking expositions. There are 3 great museums close to each other -

Was pleased to be able to see Guernica at the Reina Sophia.

There's an indoor food market in a lovely area - lots of wee stalls for drinks and tapas. I'll try to remember the name. That whole area was brilliant for tapas bars and close to good shopping streets too. 

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