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On 1/12/2022 at 1:57 PM, Diamond Scot said:

The reason I was thinking about it is that ive always considered Killie to be a top flight club but with the relegation it made me think whether they were any bigger than alot of other clubs who dropped out of the top flight but struggled to make their way back.

Partick, Dunfermilne, Falkirk and even Airdrie.

Not that it matters as clubs are where they are but would be interesting to see where people thought clubs ranked if they were to do a reset and put the clubs in orser of size / achievements etc

I like to think of Killie as being Scotland's biggest club from a town. Maybe Motherwell come close, but if we met in a hypothetical Scottish Cup final I reckon our tickets would sell out first 😉

Btw thanks to duncan II for starting a dedicated Killie thread 🙂

Pity we had to get relegated first 😕



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1 hour ago, Toepoke said:

IBtw thanks to duncan II for starting a dedicated Killie thread 

You’re very welcome. Didn’t grow up a Killie fan, but having moved to the town I very much look out for their results and go to the odd game. Quite excited by recent developments and will go more regularly now. Having lived in Wolverhampton for a couple of years and followed Wolves, I like a good community club.

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15 hours ago, Toepoke said:

Ash Taylor signed. McInnes rebuild begins...

A really good signing for you.

Our goals against went down when he signed.

They went up when he left, then came back down when he resigned.

Wins most battles in the air, and can chip in with 2-3 goals.

Not too bad carrying the ball out from the back, but his long passes usually go for goal kicks.

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