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Beyond others, when we try still to convince our children there are not beasts intent on hate and pain infliction. Then we have people ( that’s what we’re told they are) like the Smirky in government. It is known to be in service to a cuntry in another continent. 
it has long declared its allegiance to enemies of humans. Was very vocal today at PM questions. ( if hissing and spitting venom whilst giving death stares counts) 

well , given a system that affords less than 30% of the electorate a massive majority, if you hang a fuck me sign on yer self then you can’t complain if they don’t care about hygiene, jonnyies or owt else. The devil might be negligent. 

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Embody remember the Tory Over Wide stand a few years back ? 
now I think the Tory Smirk is the thing , just it’s been a slow burner. 
rees smog has been doing it since prep school and now he’s the nanny . 

look out for it increasingly amongst the wannabe Tory MPs . 
Smirky Pattle is their Mossad sponsored instructor. 

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