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Aaach this is gutting. 😔

I was lucky enough to meet him a few times and a warmer, friendlier person you'd struggle to come across. My abiding memory of him will always be of after we had lost the league cup final to Raith Rovers on penalties. A few of us trudged through the night to Bairds to drown our sorrows, our chins on the floor. We arrived to find Berti on top of the pool table singing the Celtic song. He went round everyone, pouring drinks, telling stories and singing songs, single handedly lifting everyone's spirits. We all left the pub feeling a lot lighter despite the emptiness of losing that final. 

R. I. P. Berti. 

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14 hours ago, Barney Rubble said:

Apologies if this question appears tasteless - it is in no way intended as such.

How many of the Lisbon Lions and those not selected are still with us?

Craig, Clark, Wallace (?). Lennox, Hughes?

Only 4 of the team from Lisbon are still alive, all mentioned above, as is Yogi Hughes. Also John Fallon, the sub goalie from the final.

Bertie was I believe the first Scot to play in a European final, with Birmingham City in the Fairs Cup.

I can only remember him as a boss with Thistle and Hibs, but he came across as a charismatic guy and his teams played that way too.

"Bertie the Brain" my old man used to say was his nickname due to his tactical influence in the middle of the park.

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